Thursday, 31 January 2013


Working on the lists currently to get them upto standard. The following template will be what I use throughout. 

It still needs tidying up, and I'm trying to stitch together 8 PDF lists into one Volume. There will be two volumes one NATO and other WARPAC, although I may yet make just one super-list volume.

Once done I will put them on the Blog and allow everyone to grab them. The amount of hours needed to get this done is pretty Staggering. Looking to get this done over the weekend...


  1. like those, so where did you get the pics from

  2. I made them myself, using side pictures and playing with them on Photoshop. I've got 165 on my PC covering almost everything NATO & WARPAC. If you would like some send me an e-mail @ and I will get it all together and send them.