Friday, 25 January 2013

The Truth about Human nature... 

People prefer Pictures. When I do wordy posts like below, the hit rate goes down. When I do picture heavy posts my hit rate goes up. 

So here are some pictures of the forces with Decals. 

I decided to repaint all of the vehicles because for some reason I must not have used the same technique on all of them as they had different shades and washes. I finished them in Gloss Varnish and have added Decals to the vehicles, once they dried I used 3 layers of  DULLCOTE anti-shine Matt Spray Varnish.  I still need to paint and finish the Infantry, but work is getting in the way.

The British Decals were more involved and used many more, but smaller decals. 

My models are coming together nicely, as are other players who I keep pestering to supply me pictures so I can put them on the Blog, or at least link to them.


This weekend I will put on some Demonstration Games with some Club-mates at this good local event. Looking forward to having a look at what the Model Companies are bringing down for us to purchase, I will have a look at the flea market too. 

There will be alot more Pictures from this event so stay tuned.


  1. Is it "human nature" or "gamer nature" or "cyber nature"...? I totally get what you mean though, and I have to admit I really only check out blogs with lots of pictures. That's why I look at blogs - or at least gaming blogs - is for inspirational eye-candy. Recognizing this I try to keep the wordiness down on my own blog and keep it to pics of what I've been painting and game reports with lots of pictures...

    Generally I hate reading stuff on computers. If I want to read something I read a book. Like, a read book. Made out of dead trees. It's not that I don't think bloggers have anything interesting to write - I've read many great posts (some, on this blog!) But something about reading on a computer screen just doesn't grab me - it's got to be something really, really interesting or well written or something I really want to need to know about to hold my interest on a computer...

  2. Hello Mwnciboo, The Soviet armour looks formidable. Perhaps unstopable? I admired your Chieftains when they were just painted up but they really come to life with the decals. They are going to be pretty busy and I don't suspect there will be much rifling left in those 120mm barrels by the end of things! Aye, Rusty.

  3. Yeah, still not 100% on the Chieftain. I want to buy some more Chieftains and go for a cleaner painted looked. Equally I want to revisit these 4 and do some more weathering over the tracks and decals so the decals look more natural and less like decals stuck on a basic paint job.

    They were rushed out for play testing, I need to do more detailing etc. But they are about 80% of the way there.