Friday, 1 February 2013


Finally after hours and hours of effort over the last 5 months I've got the NATO Lists to a point where I am happy with them. 27 YEARS LATE by the Narrative of the Campaign......For those of you who missed it - Here is the start of the fluff.
I am aiming to get the WARPAC ones proof read tomorrow but with everything when ever an error comes up it can take me ages to go back to the original, check it, correct it, PDF it, and then re-integrate into the lists. 

Thanks for the support, in the Last few months, it's kept me on track despite everything else in my life going on. 

Also if anyone wants to make donation feel free, but these rules are free to download and do what you like with just please give me a bit of credit because this is like 200hrs plus work. 

Mike  (mwnciboo)

(Donations to via Paypal  XD ).


I've just been pointed in the direction of some brilliant SSVC video's on Youtube via COLDWARGAMER's Blog. This stuff is so mesmerizing to someone like me who is fascinated by this period.

Right, I'm off to drink some whiskey and enjoy Wales kicking the crap out of Ireland tomorrow in the Rugby!


  1. Very cool, thanks for the hard work.

    If you had a stand of 5 dudes that had "2 x M16A1, M249 SAW, M16/203, M47 DRAGON", what could they fire each turn? How are you handling LAW use for Shooting and Assaults? Are all troops considered equipped with them?

    For the Nato Scout option of 100pts for either 2 Hummers and Recce squads or 2 M3 Bradley CFVs, how do you set the points for them? The M3s can punch out T-80Bs, the Hummers are thin skinned with Dragon equipped troops that need to hit flanks for any real effect.

    MLRS / Cluster Munitions - to get an easily ranged in 12x12 auto-hitting bombardment the points seem like a no-brainer choice for anyone using open lists. For their effect, they could easily be twice the price and still be useful.

    Thanks again, I will be trying the rules out sometime soon hopefully.

  2. Ah thanks....I've made some points errors in there. Now removing the packs, for 24 hours to "Staff" them again.

    I will also clarify a few things, and I've not updated the MLRS rules that we worked on, I've written them in but not .pdf it and released it. e.g I released the wrong one.

    This is a good opportunity to Clarify the Infantry shooting rules. Thanks Strelkovaya.

  3. I play in a FOW club in Ottawa Canada ( A few of us want to go Cold War and we came upon your site. I think its great that you are modifying the FOW rules for the Cold War as it makes it easier to learn and play. Kudos to you for all your hard work.

    Do you mind some comments on your Canadian list?

    Am I correct in assuming FAO is for the artillery forward observation officer (FOO)?

    The lynx troop always deploy in pairs. If you were to see them as three vehicles it would be the troop leader attached to a pair. You could do one patrol of 3 and as many as you want as two vehicle patrols. Also the Lynx had a 3 man crew, so if they formed a dismounted patrol or observation post you would have to have a 3 man stand.

    The TOW systems also always deployed as pairs. They could be deployed dismounted but not in threes.

    The infantry platoons are pretty accurate but the weapons detachment would have a C6 GPMG, an 84mm Carl Gustav and a 60mm mortar. Dismounted in the advance they would only use one of the weapons at a time. In the defence perhaps two could be deployed. You should also modify the rules to allow the platoon to dismount the 50 cals when in the defence which is what they would do if they sent the M113s to the Zulu harbour (to the rear).

    As for the mortars, Canada used 81mm mortars and never had 120's. They deployed in a platoon consisting of 2 4 tube groups, each with a mortar fire controller.

    I'm trying to find out what vehicles the blowpipe troops used and I'll get back to you, but I suspect it might have been 5/4 ton trucks.

    Keep up the good work. Waiting for my vehicles to show up from QRF. Of course they will be Canadians.

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  5. @Robert Kelly, if you don't mind could you send me an E-mail..I'll send you some stuff and you can act as my Canadian advisor. I've redone the lists, and details. So if you could click the NATO button, re-read the Canadian List and give me a shout on E-mail of the tweaks and suggestions and I will get right on it.

    1. I meant to send an email with my comments, but I can never seem to find contact information on these blogs. I also have a friend who is a gamer who once served int eh Danish army. He might be able to help with the Danish lists.

      I'm at

    2. Brilliant...I trust you've seen Colonel Rusty's Canadian forces earlier in this blog? It's worth a look, his painting is very good.

  6. Excellent pointers towards actual Canadian SOPs Robert. Many thanks. I have modelled my .50HMGs and TOWs both dismounted for defence and mounted should I become curious as to how long my M113s can potter about on the modern high intensity battlefield! Aye, Rusty

  7. On the big game the other week at Crusade, the M113's saved the day, and held out against BTR-70's before their Infantry could destroy the BTR's with their M47 Dragons.

    I thought Transports would be easy meat, but every game I've played people concentrate on the Tanks and IFV, then suddenly a Mech Platoon rocks up in a key position and starts firing MILAN or AT Weapons. Most games seem to end with Dead tanks and IFV everywhere the Infantry "Dancing a jig" because they survived.

  8. A very interesting observation. My "M113 paranoia" might be resolved by hiding them in plain sight! Aye, Rusty.