Saturday, 29 June 2013

Okay...I'm an Idiot.

I've been getting alot of e-mails from people pointing out Errors and I've been getting frustrated because I've already solved those issues....After pondering on this I realised, during a Copy paste to the 3.1v of my Rules, I hadn't updated the link and so linked to the old version 1.1 which was still being shared. 

So as you can Imagine there are a ton of changes and tweaks....

I only found this because I am working on v4.0 of the Rules, and I'm going through re-doing the force lists to align points, and capabilities across the board. Equally changes and marks of vehicles plus integrating the Independents equipment is a good point, it seems like a good point to redo all the lists. 

It's taken about 20 hours, but I don't want to release just yet because I need to go over and over and over them to reduce errors and mistakes because once I draw it all together to publish as a single PDF, minor changes can be problematic. 

I'm adding alot of extra content.....

Still waiting on the Zvezda Stuff.....

Monday, 17 June 2013

ZVEZDA Turns up the Heat on the Cold War....

Will Townsend over at the Plastic Soldier Company has had a Great month, he's released his line of Armour Sprays (Very good by the way !), But now he has the ZVEZDA Modern Vehicle available and the Platoon Deals are great...Check them out here.

3 Platoon Boxed set Deal £16.50.......

Standby for some Reviews once I get my Grubby mitts on them.


Got an E-mail from PSC - The Zvezda stuff was Shipped late, and they will forward me the stuff once it's arrives.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


So amongst all the craziness that is my life at the moment, I had a very unexpected but very pleasant e-mail from Geoff over at QRF.

We love Armoured Vehicles!

Hi Mike 

You seem to be developing quite a following. :-)

We wanted to offer something to those who come to/through you. I have set up a redemption code that they enter on checkout. It gives them a 20% discount on orders of £100 or more. The code is "redtide" and works on top of any platoon pack deals (so buying 10 BMPs would give them 10% off those items, plus another 20% off the total if the order total came to £100 or more).

I may even look at setting up some packs that coincide with the orbats you have listed.

Feel free to place it somewhere prominent on your blog.


A small British Battlegroup - All in QRF vehicles and Infantry on BF FOW bases.

All I can say is Wow....I never really expected any of this, it started as a little project to do Cold War in 15mm with a degree of accuracy and make it playable and fun, and capture that essence of the period. A period I grew up through....

I think this says more about the community at large than about me, how positive and supportive the Wargaming community can be, but also the wider communities on the web and the resources they bring

I gravitated towards QRF due to their huge range of products for the period. Subsequently I have seen more and more new Battlefront items, and also the upcoming Zvezda releases, but as it stands QRF has a much more comprehensive range than anyone else in terms of Modern and Post War vehicles.

But rest assured, I am not in their pocket. If QRF make great models (like their Leopard 2) I will praise them, if it is poor I will say so unequivocally and will try to be fair and objective. I have written many reviews of the models on their Website and they have always allowed my opinions through strait without any interference even if it was negative. So I respect them for their integrity.

If you want to make use of this please do, I certainly have no qualms about using it and. the volumes of models we order as a club means getting a £100+ in an order is pretty easy.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

M577 - Battlefronts nice new model

A nice new model for my collection and a very nice model it is to...

I've used a bit of Liquid greenstuff to fill fine gaps and to improve the finish of the model...But overall I like the model, from a realism stand point I believe most of these vehicles dumped the 0.50cal certainly in the Mid-1980's. I'm not sure about in Vietnam.

I also picked up a Can of this.....

After a recommendation from REAVER 83 on Dakkadakka and his personal Blog site here (one of my favourite WW2 15mm blogs)...

Version 1.1 of the Independents List Now released 

I made numerous mistakes, and also did not give the Swedish and Finnish lists in particular, the attention to detail they deserve. So after apologising to Swedish and Finnish Readers, I have made the relevant changes and integrated their Feed back.

It's all good, I will always listen to the community and try as much as possible to integrate suggestions.


The Foundations of my House are going in...The area enclosed by the Palette will be my Studio, the garage is top right. Top left, is the Retaining wall into the Hillside. Am I excited?

To quote the little Girl in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation "I'm Sh*tting Bricks!".  It's quite nervous having a house built, so yeah it's a terrifying rollercoaster of emotions.

The models are keeping me sane.