Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Version 3 of CORE RULES 

Just a quick update, with some minor corrections and vehicles added. More to follow. Now working on the Independents book. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

M113 Review

Several people have asked why I didn't put up a review of the QRF M113's, honestly I kind of wanted to skirt around them. Secondly I was trying to block out the pain......I bought the BF boxed set simply to cathartically  cleanse myself of these models.

Well be careful what you wish for..

Frankly the QRF M113's are awful - Sorry but they are....The Top Body doesn't fit the lower body, the Tracks don't fit, it took lots of effort to get the Tracks anywhere near the body....

All you get is the .50cal Turret....

All round, and I hate slagging off miniatures, but these are rubbish in fact I'm getting bloody angry typing this!

In my fit of angry pique I decided to buy the Battlefronts New M113's and I duly did....These are so damn good, they make the QRF stuff look even worse.

Where to start......Well they are £19 for 4.......Excellent value and actually cheaper than QRF, so you pay less and get more?  This is clearly where BF are going and it seems like a they are following the Plastic Soldier Company in terms of Quality and Price.

You get 4 M113's in various Variants, Decals, Crewmen and Mortar Crewmen!!!!!

Well these things actually come in 5 variants, all on the Sprue, and loads of weapons for Converting and future projects.

So what can you make?

M113 , M113 w/ 0.50cal, M113 w/ Minigun, M113 w/0.50cal Okinawa Turret, M113 w/ 0.50cal Modern Turret, M113 w/ 40mm GMG, M113 w/ 106mm Recoiless Rifle, M113 w/ 81mm Mortar, M113 w/4.2" Mortar, and M113 Zippo Flame thrower. 

You think this enough for the price? Well you also get the ACAV variant, and also things like Mud Guards.

The size difference is quite marked too, I'm not sure which one I prefer from the size perspective but the Battlefront ones win hands down across everything else. I'm also not sure if the size difference is that noticable (except when they are next to each other) and if you carried the BF ones throughout your force I don't think anyone would notice plus with Tanks and other vehicles it would work well. 

This picture.....It completely illustrates my take on this.

I'm keeping all the spares for my HMMWV's and other projects, and I will be converting my own Infantry Mortar Teams, etc using these Spares. Also the Miniguns are cracking for Helicopters etc.

I am very happy with this boxed set and would recommend anyone who needs M113's for Modern to just pick up this boxed set, it is quite simply the best 15mm Option on the market and gives lots of spares and options.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Big Update

A few quiet weeks, but I have been slowly amassing alot of vehicles and items to be finished...Here are the latest additions to my Army.

2 x UH-60 Blackhawks (QRF)
5 x MH-6 Little Birds (QRF)
4 x M113 (QRF)
2 x ZSU Shilka (QRF)
3 x 2S3  (QRF)
1 x FV103 SPARTAN (QRF) (sorry for not putting this in Original post!)
1 x FV105  SULTAN (QRF) (sorry for not putting this in Original post!)

So here they are, ready for priming and painting.


Russian Artillery Section, I intend to get an MTLB and 3 Ural Ammo Trucks to finish this Platoon off.

Some Air Defence to try and fend off A-10's and NATO Attack Helicopters
With my Soviet forces I'm pretty happy, I have Tanks, IFV's, Artillery, AAA and Infantry. To round out this Battlegroup I might pick up some BDRM's to act a further scout unit and maybe some MRLS. I might even consider expanding the BMP's so I can field a Battalion though this would require a minimum of another 20 BMP's so I might just leave it as is, and spend the difference on other models. 


Two new British Vehicles to act as my HQ and FAO for the British Forces, I intend to add some more Spartan MCT with MILAN Launchers and some Tracked Rapiers in the future.

The Helicopters are for my US forces.

I was little bit disappointed by the QRF M113's, however I have a plan and intend to invest in Battlefronts new M113's (I will use the .50cal Turrets for HMMWV's so I will buy Peter Pig TOW HMMWV's and magnetise them). Here is the Sprue they are releasing this month and it comes with lots of options so will be a great buy for anyone who is playing as NATO.
 The ability to make 0.50cal M113's, Mortar Carriers or Convert them to other's like the M577 Command vehicles, or even make the Vehicle Plain.