Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013 and the painting table


I finally got the TL-Model Bau decals. I'm quite pleased with them, a few minor issues (some of them have white edges for some reason, I will touch them up with a paint brush).

The British Decals are a bit smaller, and you get a lot more so it represents better value. With the USSR ones I'm struggling to find where to place them, and also the Numerics seem far too large (though I am no expert on WARPAC armour markings). Overall I'm going the less is more route on my decals and after these I will be highlighting again and weathering again.

As you can see they aren't bad, I will varnish over the top and then dullcote with some weathering powders and they should look great. I still need to decide on the Callsign marks and will wait of the Armour Book I've ordered to finish this.



I've got these spare models, so I decided to convert them up a bit and they can be used for various props or even for less well equipped WARPAC Partners (like Hungary). These will also be good in scenario's acting as rear echelon vehicles like Soviet HQ's or other formations. They were freebies and are just all round useful. 


My 1st Unit for SF is the 8-man SAS Stay behind Party. 

Essentially they will break into 2 - 4 man patrols. Each 4 man patrol has 

1 x STINGER + M16
2 x LAW + M16
1 x MILAN + M16

So they pack a fair bit of punch in such a tiny squad. These will be used in special scenario's (like raids, or neutralising HQ's) and not be used on the Battlefield with conventional forces.

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