Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Appeal for help! 

I have been searching books and the internet trying to find a definitive reference for British Tank Markings in the mid 1980's specifically 1986. 

Thus far I have got OSPREY ELITE 026 - TANK WAR - Central Front NATO vs WARPAC

It's a Great book, and I can recommend this to any Cold War Era Wargamer, most of it is Black and White but the central 12 pages have colour prints of Vehicles in various Camouflage and colour schemes.

ARMOURED ACORN Website reference Sites.

I would like to know the Squadron and Platoon marking systems for the Royal Tank Regiment at this time. It's essential so I can use the TL-MODELBAU Decals I've got effectively on the British Vehicles and finish them properly. 

Any help would be appreciated!!! 


  1. I have a later Concord book about a British Armoured Battlegroup that was published after 2000 - so much later than your era, but I'm guessing the markings would be more or less the same.

    Squadrons were marked by a shape and a number inside the shape are denoted by a number.

    A Sqn: Triangle
    B Sqn: Square
    C Sqn: Circle
    D Sqn: Rectangle
    HQ Sqn: Diamond

    A two digit number denoted the troop and vehicle within the troop, so:
    10 would be 1st troop commander, 11, 12, and 13 would be the other tanks in first troop.
    20 would be 2nd Troop commander, etc...
    I think the company commander would be 0B and Company 2IC was 0C...?

    I can't seem to find it right now...

    Hope that helps.

  2. Awesome cheers Tim!!! I am going to try and find out if this was the case for the mid-80's.

  3. Try Warpaint Volume 2 it covers the geometric sub unit Signs and Call signs, Volume 3 is also of use as it covers post war cam schemes, both are written by Dick Taylor and printed by Mushroom Model Publications. If your into WW2 as well its probably worth getting the set. Volume 1 is of less use to the cold war enthusiast as it only covers Vehicle Registration Numbers. I have not got Volume 4 so not clear on its utility

  4. Cheers Andy...Ordered this book, looks brilliant and will be useful for my WWII Guards Armoured, in XXX corps.