Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Test game shots...

After altering some of the rules, dropping national rules (like Hen and Chicks for the Soviets) and balancing out the AT values with the Armour Values to make everything more balanced, particularly the side armour on NATO vehicles being too high.

So the Battle was a "Free-for-all" with the Soviets aiming to smash through, the objectives are Orange Dice and grey dice are the objectives.(we will get some decent objective markers).   

The Battle

A Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon captures an Objective and leaps out of their BMP's and prepare to dig in. 

The main Soviet Vanguard of a Platoon of T-72's and a BMP Platoon move swiftly forward and come under murderous fire from concealed Chieftains who destroy the T-72 Platoon outright.

The BMP's take cover behind their burning tanks as the rest of the Company sweeps in, on the left Flank now the Chieftains have revealed themselves, and are in a precarious position without support.

 The BMP's go hull down to distract the Chieftains as the other T-72 platoon races foward from the left flank and the Two BMP Platoons also perform a left hook.

Mean while the British Mechanised Company turns up, with the MILAN Platoon setting up in the Woods, and getting some good firing positions on the Rear of the T-72 Platoon.

But unfortunately in their haste to bring their weapons to bear, they manage to miss with all their shots. 

 The T-72 Platoon Races to the top of the Hill and starts to take the Chieftains under fire in their lesser side armour, the whole of the ground in front of the hill becomes a butchers shop as the Soviets race in to capture the objectives and destroy the Chieftains.

The Two platoons of Infantry jump from their transports and race towards the Cheiftains in order to force them off the objective. The BMP's watch their SPIRAL missiles and Cannon shots bounce off the superior Chieftain Armour time and again, and decide to close to point blank range to surround the British Tanks and cut off their escape and allow the infantry to capture them.

The Soviets moved up their Final BMP Platoon to screen the hill and protect the Read of the T-72's, unfortunately the MILAN Platoon is ready and the Platoon is utterly shattered by the MILAN's firing from the Wood in to their side armour. 

The British now feel the battle swinging their way and know that they need to Counter-attack to survive, or they will be destroyed. The Mechanised Platoon leaps out of their Transports (now the threat of the BMP's is gone) and race up the hill with MAW's at the ready and  bail or destroy the tanks, their consolidation move captures the T-72s and the hill is now in British Hands. 

The FV432's engage with their GPMG to pin or kill the Soviets, the 4 Chieftains move forward to engage. Lot's of Soviets die, but they hold on, successfully bailing a Chieftain and then capturing it, the British fail their morale and break off. The Soviets hold the Objective so hold 2 to the British 1. The Soviets manage a desperate last minute win, with only 3 BMP's left and 7 stands of infantry, the British had lost only one Tank.


This game was more luck than judgements and to be fair to my opponent he played extremely well, constantly moving his tanks to keep the front armour facing the enemy, equally I was unlucky failing quite a few firepower tests on his Chieftains where their Protected Ammo really helps them out. 

Good fun, and the Rules seem to be more balanced now, and the NATO tanks need a slight side armour 'nerf or the things like RPG's at close range simply cannot bail them (I should have spotted this!). 


  1. Good post, I'm enjoying this blog.

    One thing that puts me off FoW is that it always seems to end up with AFVs parked up o close to one another or jousting with the gun barrels. Granted, the latter doesn't seem to have happened here but the former has.

    Would it look better in 1/300?

  2. I'm not sure, with FOW 15mm is pretty much central, almost all the weapon ranges are based on real world examples (at least in my version of the rules) so 1" is approx 100m.

    1/300 would be workable, but I find it too small for my own tastes, and it would be more suitable for Brigade type engagements whereas FOW is more around the Company sized engagement/ Kampfgruppe. All the other players play 15mm FOW so our terrain etc and all the other elements are in place, adopting 1/300 would be an overhaul again.

    It's not unreasonable that AFV do get to close quarters especial in environments that are built up, obviously the opposite is true in the Desert or Fulda Gap. The truth is FOW is more of a Wargame, less of a Historical Game, it has a historical element to it, but it is in no-way a Historical Game unlike other systems on the market.