Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thoughts and Feedback

I'm getting alot of great feedback and some even more amazing suggest force lists coming back at me for other forces which are formatted and well thought through - . There is always space for tweaking and improvement, but more significantly expansion. 

My intention is to change the Way I am doing this and to follow a little more of the "Intel Brief" type methodology. By using the Rules as they are but releasing PDF books and with all the forces in for a Theatre.  So with this in mind here is how I am breaking it down.

1. Germany (e.g what I have so far in the single book) - Stopping the Red Tide.
2. Scandinavia (e.g. USMC, UK Marines, Norway vs Sweden / Finland vs WARPAC)
3. Iceland / Greenland (US, UK, Iceland, Danes vs Soviets)
4. Alpine (e.g Austria , Switzerland, France Italy vs WARPAC)

Anyone who can help with Orbats for 2,3,4 based on 1986 please get in touch. 

Special thanks so far goes to :- 

Vander, Strelkovaya, MaahisKuningas, KlashnikovMarine, Robert Kelly,

Many of you are helping behind the scenes and credits will be given in the Final documents!

Monday, 11 February 2013

ZVESDA now doing stuff for Cold War in Plastic?

I came across a thread on  and it looks like this stuff is going to be launched this year.

This will be great for 15mm (1/100) and 20mm (1/72) Gamers across the country.

 Available here apparently.

So what do you all make of it? I'm pretty pleased. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013



I really love this game, it is well researched and well executed, it is a combination RTS with more of a Military Tactics focus.

It's Currently on STEAM as a special for £5.99 instead of £23.00, I've just bought it again on Steam (Had a DVD copy) to grab the 3 Downloadable Content Packs. You need a fairly good system to run it, but for anyone with a Cold War fetish this game is outrageously good.

Essentially you earn Command Points and call up units you want, but you can unlock the Tech-tree with General Stars. General Stars are given for completing objectives quickly, success in missions or evacuating forces/ killing specific Enemy units.  You decide what units to unlock, so if you want the M1A1 Abrams you can, but be aware for the number of stars you could have unlocked, transport helo's, logisitics vehicles and heavy artillery.

You can instantly zoom from a Unit or Platoon, right to a Divisional Overview, with unit dispositions and Sectors all marked. You can even play without going to the lower "Grunt Eye view" but you will want to, because watching 2 platoons of T-64BM's being ambushed by 3 Experienced Chieftains/Challengers/Abrams/ Leopard 2 is like watching a Lion maul a sheep.

It's just epic, pick it up....I guarantee if you are Wargamer you will enjoy it. Get on Youtube and check out some of the Battles, it's brilliant. Get it, install it, max out the graphics turn up the sound and be standby for the sounds of battle.  

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


RULES & NATO LISTS Back up - WARPAC LIST to go live today

I'm getting alot of useful feedback from the community and I need this to refine the lists and Orbats/ TO&E to be more realistic or closer to the real forces.

If you have a suggestion please fire it over to my e-mail

I cannot guarantee it will be incorporated, because there are many different elements I am juggling but about 70% of suggestions do make it in there. Things to be aware of :-

1. I won't do anything other than 100pts or multiples thereof, the reason is that it makes lists restrictive if I have 50pts here and there and this means a massive overhaul of all points. Keep it Stupidly Simple (KISS) principle is inforce so sometimes points aren't perfect and a degree of compromise is needed. 
2. Significant mechanics changes are a no-go for now. Things like Overwatch are a good idea, but it will take me far too long to sort it out, write it, test it and Balance it and it diverges from the FOW Ruleset too far (How would Overwatch affect Eyes & Ears, Recce units etc). I may decide to change this in the future. 
3. Sometimes I have to say no, not because I don't like it, I might love the idea but the implicit workload might be far too large or not be suitable for Cold War Mechanised Battle in 15mm. If I was ever to write my own Ruleset from Scratch many of these ideas maybe relevant. 
4. First hand experience from those who were there is my gold dust - So if you want to share how you did things back in the day, let me know, better to hear from the horses mouth than from Crusty Historian Arm Chair Generals who usually get the big picture right, but never get down in the weeds. 

Friday, 1 February 2013


Finally after hours and hours of effort over the last 5 months I've got the NATO Lists to a point where I am happy with them. 27 YEARS LATE by the Narrative of the Campaign......For those of you who missed it - Here is the start of the fluff.
I am aiming to get the WARPAC ones proof read tomorrow but with everything when ever an error comes up it can take me ages to go back to the original, check it, correct it, PDF it, and then re-integrate into the lists. 

Thanks for the support, in the Last few months, it's kept me on track despite everything else in my life going on. 

Also if anyone wants to make donation feel free, but these rules are free to download and do what you like with just please give me a bit of credit because this is like 200hrs plus work. 

Mike  (mwnciboo)

(Donations to via Paypal  XD ).


I've just been pointed in the direction of some brilliant SSVC video's on Youtube via COLDWARGAMER's Blog. This stuff is so mesmerizing to someone like me who is fascinated by this period.

Right, I'm off to drink some whiskey and enjoy Wales kicking the crap out of Ireland tomorrow in the Rugby!