Monday 24 February 2014

My House Move

As some of the longer term readers will know, I've been waiting for my new house to be completed...

Well it's finally done and I've moved in, but you guys don't care about that you care about new Model studio.



Still awaiting my Desk and some bits for my painting desk, but at least you guys can know I haven't been posting due to apathy or lethargy, it's more because I've been moving literally hundreds of boxes into my new house.

Sunday 19 January 2014


Okay so after lots of delays, sidelining, and things getting in the way. Welcome to the new look books.

Me and Dan, have worked on this on and off for about 6 months, but rest assured that the next few books will be much quicker due to the fact we have templates etc.

The Main Rule Book will also get an overhaul to match the graphical style and be inline more with BF's own material so people feel instantly familiar with it.

Click on the right hand side picture to get the PDF, or CLICK HERE

If you spot any errors let me know and I will get on top of it.

The next books will be:-

Soviet Union
The Rule Book
UK, Germany & Canada
Eastern European WARPAC
Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, France
Please enjoy this material, it has been a long time desire of mine to release something of this quality and now I've got this far, I just want to produce more and more.


Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Swedish are Coming...

So as regular readers know I have a friendship with Fjodin and his 3D CAD abilities, as well his modelling and painting skills.

Well, I know he is working on Stuff with Geoff and Chas over at QRF, and alot of people have bemoaned the lack of decent S-Tank.

The S-Tank is pretty Iconic for any Cold War Armour Fan.

Well here is one hot off the drawing board..

A 15mm Scale S-tank....

So hopefully if QRF can get this into Production - Swedish Players will have lovely new Str-103 S-tanks to play with...

Oh and Bv206's are coming and "Armies Army" are working on Swedish Infantry! Here is some of Armies Army early stuff....This is Soviet VDV and is about 17mm so slightly larger but hell when they look this good I can live with it.