Friday, 11 January 2013

Test games:- 

We played a short test game with my new home grown FLAMES OF WAR Modified Rules. It was entertaining and a quite a giggle, despite my appalling rolling of 1's and 2's damn near constantly (god blessed me in many ways but not with the ability to roll dice with anything resembling a proper  statistical distribution). 

We decided to boost the AT ratings of many of the Weapons after re-balancing many of the vehicles several times, and also looking at the TANK ASSAULT values of things such as LAW's. 

We are still debating the "Hen and Chicks" rule as this is massively debilitating when taking 3 Tank Platoons in the modern era, so I am considering dropping this rule from the Russians. Especially when I make IFV equivalent of Tank Teams it affects BMP's and BTR's too. I also need to address certain IFV's as Transports rather than IFV's (M113 or FV432 spring to mind).

Anyway here are some pictures, because you all prefer them anyway!  (ignore the unpainted mini's they are objective markers!). 

So this is a "Dust Up" meeting engagement so, reserves will arrive after turn 3. The Chieftains were in a good conceal position.

The Motor Rifle Scouts approach with a T-72 Tank Platoon in support. The Chieftains are spotted and the T-72's fire whilst racing forward and the Chieftain's front armour bounces those shots that hit.

The sited and static Chieftains fire back with full rate of fire and neutralise the Platoon after two turns of firing at each other. The second T-72 Platoon managed to flank the Chieftains and fire at the side armour, but were hamstrung by the "Hen and chicks" rule so need 6's to hit *BAH!!!! ill considered implication*

The Chieftains begin a fighting withdrawal as the Soviet surge forward, presenting their ridiculous front armour to all the threats. The Second T-72 Platoon is wiped out by lucky Chieftain firing as they reverse and my bloody dice rolling near constant 1's.  

 The MILAN Platoon arrives and is taken under fire by the BTR's HMG's and MG's. The return fire is focused on the sole surviving T-72 in the 1st Platoon which shrugs off the MILAN hits.

 A British Mechanised Platoon sees an Opportunity to neutralise the Soviet Recce section.

Equally a BMP Platoon races in and it's infantry move forward to Capture the objective. The BMP's fire SPIGOT's at point blank range but against miss as they need 6's due to "Hen and Chicks".

The Soviet second BMP Platoon arrives and blocks the FV432 Mech Platoon, and stays out of range of the MILAN team. Taking the FV432 platoon under-effective fire, but not before the soviet Recce platoon is destroyed. The Mechanised FV432 Platoon, suffers one destroyed and other 3 vehicles Bailed, British Soldiers spill out in all directions and an entire section is killed, as their vehicle cooks off.

The first BMP Platoon comes under murderous MG fire from the Chieftains working as a team. Neutralising the BMP's and pinning the troops. At this point I hold 2 objectives, contesting one the British positions. But my Platoon breaks, and it triggers a Company Morale check * I fail and my company quits the field.

The bottomline, is that I need to tweak the "Hen and Chicks" rule and up the AT value. There was a random element where I rolled ridiculously low dice through sheer chance. More work is required.

Also one for all the UK Ex-Service types out there:-


  1. Nice report, I do like the fire effects!

  2. Yeah it's the Battlefront stuff, cost like £5 years ago. I use it alot as it looks nicer, eventually I will make Crew stands for bailed vehicles so I don't need counters.

  3. Cool! Where did you get 15mm Chieftains from?

  4. Quick Reaction Force - there is a discount code on the blog