Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The World was stunned by the announcement from the Soviet Union in a Communique that was sent to all members of the United Nations.

Политбюро ЦК КПСС, Politbyuro TsK KPSS
Союз Советских Социалистических Республик

Official Communique of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Politburo of the Central Committee has immediately removed and arrested Mikhail Gorbaorchev the current General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on a charge of aiding an Enemy of the Soviet Union and passing secret documents to a foreign power and has been executed as a Traitor. Investigations by the GRU have confirmed that at the meeting with President Regan of the United States in Geneva, 1985, the then General Secretary agreed to concessions, and gave details of Military preparedness and sensitive information to the United States in order to aide an attack on the Soviet Union and it's Allies.

The immediate appointment of General Vladimir Kryuchkov to the position of Acting General Secretary of the Communist Party with immediate effect and to be considered Head of State until such time as the Politburo of the Central Committee can be convened and a vote held.

There is currently, an overwhelming Military build up of NATO Forces in the Inner German Border. This force is being assembled with the sole intention of attacking the Soviet Union and it's Warsaw Pact Allies, making use of the information provided by the former General Secretary.

It is the intention of the USSR to take pre-emptive defensive action in the face of in controvertible evidence, of the intentions of the United States of America and it's Allies to destroy the USSR, it's people, it's way of life and it's Political institutions. This situation has been entirely fabricated by the United States of America acting through it's Proxy the facist Federal Republic of Germany, to try commit Casus Belli against the USSR and it's allies.

This clearly demonstrates the United States belligerent and aggressive attitude to reasonable, tolerant and peaceful peoples across the World. The USSR will not stand idly by as the threat of a 2nd Great Patriotic War is brought to it's people. A people who have suffered and endured more than any other in the fight against fascism and their desire for a fair, just and peaceful society.

Therefore in light of the overwhelming provocation and the imminent Invasion of the IGB, The Politburo of the Central Committee has directed that a declaration of "Open Hostilities and War" against the NATO Alliance is in immediately effect. At 08:00, 1st February 1986 the USSR directed it's Military Forces to conduct a precise, objective military campaign against NATO forces in the Federal Republic of Germany, in order to protect the USSR and it's WARPAC Allies from outside interference. The Soviet Naval Forces will seek to protect it's Sea lanes and deny the NATO forces the use of the Sea that they have long monopolised and exploited from other poorer Nations.

The USSR will not deny themselves the use of any Weapon in the fight for freedom and the protection of it's People and Allies.



Interestingly I found a main protagonist for the Soviet Coup, as Mikhail Gorbaorchev was very much a moderate and I needed a Hard-liner to make this Campaign make sense, in the setting of 1986. I settled on Vladimir Kryuchkov, his background seemed to fit as did his idealogy ( as you can see from the link below), so he seemed like the perfect man to lead a "Coup to save the Soviet Union". Obviously this is fictional but given his background it's not a giant leap to imagine him engineering a situation give his previous posts and background.

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