Saturday, 18 May 2013


Okay so this is the first iteration, so if you spot anything let me know, I will sort it out. Hopefully this will satisfy some of the more unusual request's I've had for specific Lists.

As with everything thus far, I've gone very broad Brush. I haven't started drilling down to specific Lists like "British Para's" or "Foreign Legion". I intend to at some point, but to be honest the idea of this was Mechanised Battlegroup Warfare and in many regards light Infantry even Elite Light Infantry isn't a great fit and will be very ATGM and Infantry Support weapon heavy and light on vehicles. 

For the sake of completeness I do aim to have all that done by the end of 2014. In the meantime I want to continue to focus on refining and improving the Rules, and getting specific lists together for certain forces and Nationalities. 

One's I have so far avoided have been Mediterranean Forces (so Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Turkey). 

This will be a large job, but doesn't fit in the "German Centric Campaign". I have been considering the second front being an Airborne led Invasion of Greece by WARPAC with follow on ground forces via Yugoslavia. Potentially with Turkey coming to Greece's Aid (unlikely but necessity makes for unusual bed fellows) and with an Amphibious Counter invasion under NATO Command Naples with Spain, Portugal, Italy and Royal Navy forming a huge task force in the Ionian and Aegean. The US Focuses on reinforcing Turkey to protect it's assets there, and to close down the Bosphorus and protect Istanbul and the Eastern end of Turkey from invasion via Georgia or Armenia.

The Invasion of Turkey could be very interesting, as we could easily accommodate massive Tank battles, and Mechanised warfare. Possibly with Iran getting involved as well. So Eastern Turkey could become a real Cauldron..... Just thoughts but it would make for very interesting scenarios. Any thoughts?


 So given my reinforced Company battlegroup is almost complete, I thought I would give an overview.

This was my original Concept

As you can see, I've fleshed this out with several Armoured Cars, some BTR50's and small Battery of 2S3's and some SHILKA's.

Future additions I want to add to this force to make it Complete in my eyes.

2 x MTLB's (Artillery Command Unit and a spare Command Unit)
4 x BRDM (to give a Scout Platoon)
3 x BM27 (MLRS enough said)
? x URAL's & GAZ Trucks.....Like a sh*t tonne of them (Possibly 20).


The US Forces and Bundeswehr Forces are now pretty huge. I don't want to steal the other guys thunder. But I will give an Orbat Picture so you can visual it.......

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Painting Table Update....

Okay so I'm clearing my Painting Table for a reason I will detail below...

 Finally my half finished Brits & some Soviets....

Oh and a prize to the first person who spots how I completely ***ked up the 2S3's (Really embarrassed about this but it's glued and painted now.....might change it in future.)


I'm trying to order some AAV7's and HMWWV's from IRISH SERB and will stick up and if possible paint them up before the Move. 

The Future - I'm Expanding!

I'm not talking about my waistline here (although it is time to do more Phys and get out doing some running), my wife and I have decided to move house. This is great in the long term, bad for the blog in the short term.


1. I'm putting away alot of my stuff ready for the Move.
2. I won't be doing anywhere near as much painting.
3. The Blog might go quiet for a few weeks at a time.


1. I will keep buying stuff and posting reviews.
2. I will keep updating the Blog.
3. Alot of other people will be invited to contribute to keep the content ticking over (RKelly, Fjodin etc)

We are having a house Built (should be finished in Jan 14 but we are moving into Rented Accom for 6 months so we can sell our current house), which means she's getting the house she always wanted and I'm getting a full on Gaming Basement!!! And I mean a Basement....9 metres by 6 metres. So I will be able to build a little Studio, several 6x4ft tables, a couch and a Bar....

I will be moving more towards Private Invitational Gaming, with my Friends. It means I can build full on Tables like Berlin, or Fulda, or Tutenbergerwald, Hanover etc.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New Model Releases

Battlefront continue to pour out useful additions for the Cold War era... namely.

So a nice cheap plastic Kit for AH-6 or OH-6 Conversions.

A nice looking 3 Gun battery, my one change to make this relevant to the 1980's is to elongate the Barrel and remove the Disc Muzzle Brake (Not too difficult with Brass rod, or Plastic rod). As can clearly be seen below.

And Finally a Command M577.... 

Some all round fantastic releases.......

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Quick Picture of the M113's

Just a quick update, they are now 75% done. Need decals, varnish, highlighting and a Dullcote.

But they are starting to look right. 

Alternative Angle....

A Challenge to the Southern Hemisphere

I have challenged Fjodin who runs several Wargaming Blogs including a very good 15mm one here.

To see what he can do with the QRF M113's, I mercilessly slagged off in an earlier review. He's pretty confident he can make them look good, and to be honest who am I to say he cannot...

So I sent a Free-parcel of them to him in Australia, and I also decided that making him pay the postage was a bit off as well.....So first come first serve, however there is more to this than Egalitarian, Philanthropy.

So much like "The Ashes"....This is a bit of Gentlemen's Wager, I've put my money where my mouth is !!! - I'm looking forward to see what he can do and you can have your say when he comes back with some pictures. 

Keeps things Interesting don't you think?