Sunday, 16 December 2012


This is one of about 7 Play test games we did, (I really need to take more Photo's on my phone!).  In the end we couldn't get Force on Force to work in a Platoon Armoured warfare style, so we are adapting FOW to a modern ruleset specifically for this. 

So here are a few snaps of me and colonel Miller trying to work through Force on Force with some significant stalling points. 

Pair of Chieftains Hidden in Overwatch, with a FV432 top left hiding behind the Building where the OiC is "holed up"
It's fair to say that the Chieftains did nothing/ little until late in the day with two of them covering the left flank hiding in a copse. But the Milan Teams hiding in the ruined buildings really made a mess of my BMP force, equally the FV432's were a pain putting out GPMG fire on my dismounted Motor Rifle Infantry who took casualties by the bucket load. The 155mm Artillery strike called in on the Soviet advance was devastating and crippled an entire platoon of BMP's.

In the end the Soviets pushed across with the T-72's but almost all were crippled, with main guns KO'd, movement crippled or immobilised or with little Firepower left. The BMP's were a bloody death trap with almost every single one brewing up when it was hit. 

The T72's with their Heavy machine guns and the BTR's with their Machine guns managed to silence 4 out 6 FV432's before the "Crazy Mad British Infantry" decided to move forward into a Jumping off position and then conduct an Infantry Bayonet Assault against the surviving Tanks with 2 Chieftains performing a left hook.

Exactly as Corporal Jones had said "They certainly don't like it up 'em" and the British Troops swarmed all over the crippled Tanks put them out of action gunning the Crews down, and drop grenades inside any opening and shredding the interior's and setting fire to the tanks before rapidly retiring.

I lost :-

2 x BTR70's
8 x BMP's Destroyed (1 crippled)
1/2 x Infantry Company ( 50 Dead - 28 fine)
2 x T-72's Destroyed (2 crippled and 2 immobilised)

Chris lost :-

4 x FV432's Destroyed (2 x Completely Fine)
1 x MILAN PLATOON Destroyed (12 Dead)
1/2 x Infantry Platoon (12 Dead - 14 fine)
1 x Chieftain Destroyed ( 1x Immobilised, 2 x Completely fine)

The net result a marginal BAOR victory, a blood bath but with the British holding on by their finger nails and the Soviets delayed, but decided merely to throw another Company to assault the position again an hour late. Such is the life of a poor harassed NATO Commander, Germany will belong to Mother- Russia!

The Stat's from the game seem to stack up with the Quality vs Quantity debate, and pretty accurately show the projected casualties approx 3 to 1 for WARPAC vs NATO. 


  1. Some great stuff going on (yeah I am a lurker ;))
    looking forward to the FoW mod, despite being a avid fan of 6mm and not a fan of FoW at all!

    Keep up the awesome project!

  2. Thanks Shaffer, nice handle reminds me of.......Where Eagles dare?