Saturday, 3 August 2013

US Command Vehicle M577

I've had some little pointers from a friend, about using Nylon Bristles from a Normal domestic Paint Brush and using them to make "Whip Aerials". They look pretty effective.

This M577 is from the expanded Battlefront Vietnam Range. I've done it in the same camo as my earlier M113's.

I really like these models and the 4 for £19 is pretty good value. I will buy another box of these, so I will have a pair as 4.2" Mortar Carriers and an extra one to make the Command M113, this will leave me one spare but I will no doubt use that another NATO list, or making another US Platoon in future.

I'm trying to find out what markings these things had back in 1986 - Specifically the Cavalry. I think I have seen Charcoal coloured Stars rather than the older style White Stars. If anyone can help or has a decent reference or URL available if you could share it in the comments section.

Additions to my US forces in the next 6 months

1. 3 x AAV's
2. 2 x LAV
3. 4 x Abrams M1 or M1A1
4. 6 x BRADLEY
5. 3 x M109
6. 2 x M106

I will look at the ZVEZDA Stuff when it arrives (God knows when?) and will decide at that point whether I will use that stuff or buy others...

Kharasan has an interesting M1A2..I might buy those because despite being the wrong mark, they look AMAZING.


I've also started re-doing and neating up my Brits, adding the aerials and re-varnishing them (the original Varnish didn't work so I've gone back to Polyurethane Varnish rather than Model Varnish, and then I spray it with DULLCOTE once the Varnish has cured approx 48hrs).

I will be adding to this shortly with the following:-

1. 2 x FV Spartans
2. 3 x FV432 ( 1 Extra FV432 for HQ and 2 x FV432 Mortars )
3. 3 x FV Abbots
4. 2 x Tracked Rapiers
5. 3 x Scimitars

This will give me a nice rounded out, force


  1. The M577s and M113s look terrific, Mike! I was interested in your remark about varnish- I'm running out of the GW paint on gloss varnish (before Dullcote layer) and was wondering what to use for the gloss coat. I'll be considering this solution. Any recommendations for manufacturer, and does it need thinning?

  2. I found that miniature varnish doesn't go full on Matt with Dullcote it goes a kind of satin / slight gloss.

    I actually bought ARMY PAINTER SOFT TONE QUICKSHADE, during the Dipping crazy it was crap - but as a Varnish it worked amazingly. Then I realized it was a con and nothing special, but for some reason you get optimum results with DULLCOTE.

    The DULLCOTE changes the colour completely and takes the shine off so totally you cannot believe it was ever varnished! It's awesome.

    I have experimented with various Varnishes, Vallejo et al and I keep coming back to the ARMY PAINTER Stuff.

    1. Thanks Mike! I have just started using Dullcote for the matt finish and I agree- it's really good!

  3. Nice to see that your armies are growing.I am also wandering when you will receive Zvezda models :)

  4. Yeah, you and me both, mate.

  5. Nice work on the 577. I just received a Quality Castings M577 in the mail and so far it looks pretty nice still in the bag! Assembling and painting might be another story.

    How did you affix the paintbrush bristles to the vehicle?

  6. I got a small drop of Super-Glue, then I dipped the very tip of the Bristle in the glue and then carefully slipped it into position. Luckily the model had perfectly sized holes already (I love it when a plan comes together!).

    On other models I drill a small hole (1-2mm deep)about 0.05mm with a Pin Vice and they sit in the hole nicely and the glue goes off in 10seconds or so.