Sunday, 18 August 2013


So these three items were sent to me last week, but due to work, life, a funeral and everything else getting in the way I've been neglecting you all of late.

So you've probably heard these models weren't really what we expecting or really what we wanted.

So the Good.....(The Dark Green ones are QRF for comparative purposes).

Well actually the T-72 and BTR are actually fairly decent models,  there is a reasonable amount of detail, although it doesn't have the AA MG or even the ERA blocks as per the box cover.

 I've done some measuring and the Zvezda stuff is pretty much 1/100 (the height is usually 1-2mm too high or too low).

The QRF BTR is a very different beast, I know this is a BTR 70 compared with a BTR 70, but even so they aren't this different in real life!

The Bad, the oh so very Bad.....

ZVEZDA M1A1 Abrams.....Well it looks like they never finished it, or they sent the wrong file or Prototype to the Production line.

The detail in some sections is decent - Like the top of the Engine, if this had been carried throughout the model I would have been pretty happy.

But other area's have no detail whatsoever! No side skirt detail, nothing, no panels no rivets, no equipment nothing!

No tow points or lower hull Glacis detail.

No details, no lights, no tow points, no additional detail. No Turret bushels no storage, no Mesh, no detail on gun sights, no MG's, no Smoke Launchers.


I actually really like the Soviet Stuff, it's chunky, reasonably detailed, sturdy and with a degree of weight and heft I wasn't expecting.

The Abrams's just bad.....and I would avoid it.

The key bad point is the Price, £6.50 or $10.10 these models are priced well beyond their relatively value. You would be especially furious if you bought the Abrams. If the price was about £4.50 / $7 - I could live with the Soviet stuff and it actually would be worth grabbing them. Especially if you were doing an BTR Motorised Force, or a T-72 Armoured Force. Maybe someone will start selling these in bundles on E-bay for a discount - If so with 15%- 20% off they would be a good buy, as it stands I cannot invest in these. There is much better stuff out there cheaper!

I'm waiting on the BRADLEY......Not holding out much hope.

I also picked up a Box of Battlefronts M109, I'll do a review on this boxed set in the next few days!

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