Tuesday, 27 August 2013

M109 Artillery Update

I need to touch up the Green on the M109A3's to give it more balance, there is a little too much Black and a bit too much tan. They should match the M113's but I was painting under a daylight bulb late on Saturday night. But you all deserve a fresh post.

1/100 DECALS

So I'm after some Charcoal Black US Decals (Stars and Vehicle Numbers) anyone know where I can get them? Or are one of you wonderful readers out there able to make them? 

It's literally just the US Star and some registration Numbers like this...

The Black Stars on the Front and Side

Yup, these have been sitting on my Painting Table along time... Slowly getting there.

Need to find a better Green in the Vallejo Range, trying to match the colour of the Blackhawk below (any suggestions welcome!). More to follow...


Dan is working hard, as well as working his Day Job to get the Art work done and we've revised some points costings sensibly to reflect some extra Options (like Half Tank Platoons!). Also don't forget to enter the Caption Competition it's free and you've a decent chance of winning (if you are witty! ). 


  1. I think you have convinced me to put together a battery with long barrels and paint them in the unique Canadian three colour pattern. A 109 battery in a defensive position with all of their 50 cals dismounted would make for a fun scenario.

    1. You can also use them off-board. I was going to use them as Objectives or as REMF positions. I am also considering adding "Counter battery Doctrine" to the artillery rules, so that if both Players used Artillery off-board, the first to fire opens themselves to "Counter-battery fire" not sure how this mechanic will work yet but I need to add that dimension because Counter-Battery "Shoot & Scoot" was a key tactic of NATO and WARPAC.

  2. Hello! Which vallejo green did you use for the m113 and the spg?

    1. 967 - Olive Green. I Black Prime the model and then paint the whole vehicle 967 - Olive Green. Then do the Tan and Black copying the Camo patterns from I then wash, drybrush, Matt Varnish and then touch up the camo and do some final details & decals then Matt Varnish.

  3. Nice work. I'm interested to see how the Blackhawks come together. Are these from QRF Minis? I had some trouble with the rotors on mine they kept drooping, and snapped off in their first game). Would love to see how you sort these.

    1. Yeah they are QRF, I hated the Rotors - I was only going to break them. So after seeing BF's tutorials on Solid plastic Rotors, I decided to use a disc of thin Clear plastic. I will lightly spray it, and it should (with a glued on rotor head) look okay...The Rotor picture above is a Work in Progress example.