Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Thank you, for helping me to make this better

Once again, if you spot anything you think is wrong (it probably is) let me know, and I will get on it and refine this.  This has been a really long project and often I miss things because the scope of what I'm trying to achieve is often bigger than my own capacity to deliver, as well as write, vet, correct and proof read so there are alot of people I need to thank for this.This list is in no-way exhaustive, so forgive me if I miss anyone (and I will !!). 

RJKELLY, FJODIN, AMROTH, PHIL W, DAVID D, DAN M, ANDYMAN, CHRIS L. And all the other Subject matter experts, ex-military and interested parties (particularly those of you in Scandinavia - who helped me piece together all the Finnish and Swedish elements!).

Prepare for battle!
Anyway, the focus now will be tweaking, making this look more accessible and generally more beautiful so that it feels familiar to "Flames of War" Players, much like some of the work I've linked to in the last few posts.

My Promise

I will now focus on models - All of my time and effort into collecting painting and posting up pictures, because frankly that's what we all like to see. 

Things on the back burner which will shortly come to the fore...

1. Oberst Fischer's Bundeswehr Battlegroup (they are painted and I am champing at the bit to see them).

2. My own USMC force (awaiting key models like AAV's and HMWWV to finish them).

3. The Expansion of my own BAOR force.

4. A small unusual force, possible the Danes or the Austrian's, just as a fun aside (possibly Israeli).

5. Colonel Tempest's Cavalry (These guys look EPIC!)

6. Colonel Kristophski's T80 Guards Armoured (Terrifyingly good tanks).

7. Colonel Markov's Airborne (4 Hind Gunships and Troops!!!).


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  2. If you need help with convering Soviet vehicles in FOW stats, let me know.

  3. COOL!!!! thank you, I will get to playing with these new rules!!