Thursday, 8 August 2013

Some Big Presentation Changes!

So me and AMROTH (Daniel McCoy) have been discussing things off-line and he's done a kind of Pilot of a Force List just like his excellent Israeli 6 Day war stuff.

As you can see, Dan has taken what I have done and built on it considerably.

This is experimental, it's a pilot, unofficial and it's available here for a look, so you can critique and make suggestions.


So why aren't we doing this to everything right now, right this minute!!


In doing much of this, Dan is incurring cost as we don't want to use Copyrighted pictures and leave ourselves exposed legally so he is doing new, original art work.

I give my time for free, through choice as this is something I believe in and want to do. Dan is a busy man, and as a Graphic Artist time is money, even if it isn't normal full cost even a minimal amount is a bit of recompense for the investment in time he gives to the benefit of the community, Something I have asked him to do and don't mind paying for myself.


I will not charge money for this, it's immoral and legally wrong as this is based on Battlefronts Flames of War Rules and their Intellectual Property, this is a homebrew rules set for the community. I will not profit from this project and don't want to, other than the feel good factor of delivering something of high quality to the community.

So if you want to help you can...

1. You could also make a donation if you see fit, my details on PAYPAL are the same. (

2. Spread this site around the web and get some more elements out there. There are some area's of the internet and communities I am unknown in, especially things like 15mm Sci-Fi and I think the content I provide is useful to those who may want to buy modern vehicles.

Overtime, we will bring the Force Books and Rule Book (Hopefully) upto the standard piloted above.


  1. Hey, I don't think I'll ever play this in 15mm but I might give it a go in 6mm. I applaud what you're doing and how you're going about it. I'm going to chuck some money your way, not a lot, but I hope it helps.

  2. WOW, They are AMAZEBALLS. Ill be sure to drop a donation on payday. Thanks for generating these.

    1. Staz I've been quite impressed with your collection on TMP. If you wanted to do a "Guest Force" and send me a little article and some of those Pictures (especially the 2S7's you grabbed!) to my E-mail I'll get your force some recognition. :)

  3. This works real well in 6mm. just keep all of the ranges the same and half the movement. A tank wich can move 12 now moves 6 instead,but it can shoot at 40 inchs.

  4. Thats pretty cool, the Ranges probably are probably much closer to reality than at 15mm. Out of interest how many tanks to a base? Do you put 2 vehicles to a Base?

  5. Its just one tank to a base, I am working on a game table,for this scale as well.

  6. Would you play on a 3 by 2?