Tuesday, 2 October 2012


The entire World was overtaken by the speed of Events in Northern Europe. World Leaders rapidly relayed their intentions to their Ambassadors and Diplomats around the globe, within 2 hours emergency sessions of the UN, UNSCR , NATO and the POLITBURO were convened. Decisions and statements were made rapidly and even the most advanced newswires and News Corporations struggled to keep up with the ramifications and implications of what was happening. Only one, CNN with it's new Satellite transmission camera were able to keep the newsrooms of America fed with the images from around the globe within seconds of their capture by their news teams.

The French President, Swedish Prime Minister, Swiss and Austrian Leaders all received their direct Communications from the Politburo at 08:01Z on the 1st of February 1986. It clearly stated that:-

"The USSR would respect the political and territorial neutrality of their respective countries if the countries declared openly against the NATO aggression perpetrated by Operation REFORGER. A failure to do so will be taken as tacit approval of NATO's action and your country to be declared an Enemy of the Soviet Union and it's Warsaw Pact Partners."  

The French President, Mitterrand, immediately telephoned the British Prime Minister, knowing full well that the US President would be in consultation with her. He made clear his intention to request re-integration to NATO as the USSR would never respect their neutral position even if he gave into their demands. The British Prime Minister was already in Communications with the White house and Intentions were relayed from the Foreign Secretary to the Prime Minister who decided to declared that France remains part of NATO and that she would rally around and gain a NATO Consensus within the hour. President Reagan concurred with this course of action and was relayed the Soviet ultimatum to France, shortly thereafter the Austrian President requested NATO protection.  Reagan was fully committed to War against Communism and placed all resources available with the exception of the Strategic Nuclear Weapons, at the disposal of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He made a direct address to the Nation, in which he asked every State Governor to "Activate their National Guard Units immediately and to release them to the Federal Authorities immediately, to show their unity and solidarity in the face of Communist aggression". This neatly side stepped the activation issues and made it a political none issue, rather than the behind the scenes political wrangling he would need to keep very Governor satisfied. Not one Governor refused and several most notably Texas, went well beyond this, and petitioned both Congress and the Senate to be allow to bring back  decommissioned regiments and increase their Guard Numbers in defence of the Nation. 

The Swedish Prime Minister refused to acquise to the Communique, and in consultation with the Kingand Government full War Mobilisation was declared. The Swedish Government openly declared 

"It would fight to the death any state, alliance, government or party which tried to impose any foreign rule against the Legitimate Government of it's people. Sweden will remain neutrally aligned but aggressively and robustly defend it's right to exist as a Sovereign independent Nation" 

The Swiss initially tried to ignore the communique, then tried to negotiate. Finally being left in an impossible position of vulnerability believing the USSR would win, but holding most of the assets of NATO Countries they decided to do nothing. In the end the matter was decided the next day when Spetsnaz Troopers rained down on Swiss Canton's seizing Banks and Government Facilities. The entire Swiss government collapsed as did the financial system, leaving a huge vacuum in a country where every male between 18 - 65 is issued Military Equipment held in their own homes. The inevitable happened and the bloodbath that ensued was akin to the Soviet experience in Afghanistan.

China, ever the maverick, decided to use this opportunity to reiterate its claim Taiwan, Nepal, and 10 other territories it had lost in the last 200 years. It decided to reinforce it's military Divisions on the USSR border and reined in North Korea and Vietnam directly to it's purposes and objectives during this period of instability, viewing it as a golden opportunity to settle old scores.

However by 12:00Z on the 1st of February 1986 just over 4 hours after the initial Air assault, all the major players on the world stage had declared their hands and their intentions. It would now be played out by feat of Arms across the globe and the Diplomats setup their strategies for the fallout in the Post War World, many simply prayed the world would still be here.

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