Saturday, 6 October 2012


Quite simply the WARPAC FORCES are trying to bludgeon their way to the Rhine with sheer overwhelming numbers. Their Objectives are relatively straight forward, push forward as fast and as hard as possible. 3SA is aiming to Neutralise HAMBURG and head into Holland and Belgium. 8GA is pushing directly for FRANKFURT and then spreading to the Franco-German Border and the capture of all land between East Germany and the Rhine. 

NATO is simply trying to stop them, or to survive as a cohesive fighting force. 

As this is an unusual scenario normal victory Conditions do not apply:- the following will be used throughout the campaign :- 

1. The WARPAC Player is trying to get one Complete 100% intact Land Platoon (air units or Air transported Infantry do not count) off the opposite board edge. This will be an automatic Victory for the WARPAC Player.
2. The WARPAC Player will gain 2 Victory Points for every NATO unit destroyed, 1 Victory Point for a unit at or below 50% Strength.
3. The NATO Player will gain 1 Victory Point for every WARPAC unit destroyed, 1/2 for a unit at or below 50% Strength.
4. If the entire WARPAC Force is Destroyed / Fleeing it is an Automatic Win to the NATO player.

At the start of the game the Russian Player rolls a D6, on a roll of 6 the Soviets will fight across the longest edge and try to cross to the opposite longest edge,  e.g the shortest distance of 4'.  Otherwise the game is fought down the long Axis e.g from Shortest edge to Shortest edge e.g the longest distance of 6'.

This means in most encounters NATO players will be able to create defence in depth. However occassionally the WARPAC forces find a weakspot and will push across a shorter distance. This is supposed to model their probing for the weakest positions.


Apart from the Normal battles on 6' x 4' Tables to decide outcomes, I have decided that each Turn (Day) in the campaign should have either a Major or a Critical Action. The decision will be left with the elected Supreme NATO general who will decided what action will be undertaken and what units will moved in response to the Soviet Advance.

If the NATO Forces loses all territory in the FRG, then NATO will unleash their Tactical Nuclear Arsenal to protect the rest of Europe.


A Major action will be a Co-operative game such as 2 NATO Players vs 2 WARPAC Players where the WARPAC Players will have the advantage of an extra 1000 points e.g 3000 pts NATO vs 4000 pts WARPAC. 

This is to represent a major attack, or an attack at critical juncture between say two units or sectors as the WARPAC forces seek the weakpoints and bring the "Schwere Punkt" to the fore. It will be fought on a 6' x 4' board under the normal victory conditions above.


Will be a special forces scenario, where a NATO Commander not directly involved will temporarily take command of a Special forces unit and attempt a Critical action that could have long lasting implications. 

These actions could be, but not limited to, HQ destruction, CSAR for downed pilots (especially AH-64 and A10 Crews!), destruction of Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces, destruction of Chemical / Biological Weapon Dumps or Intel gathering operations that get bounced. These actions will be fought well behind the frontline by stay behind parties and inserted special forces.

This will be fought on a 6' x 4' board using a highly specialised victory condition and limited number of assets on both sides.

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