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These models are very nice indeed. (1 done another 5 to do)

The FV432 is very nice indeed, it comes with alternate hatches so you can mount a Mortar inside the Vehicle which is very nice. The Tracks and wheels are very crisp, and detailed much better than my experience with Battlefronts Flames of War versions in with White metal tracks. 

The model comes in 5 major pieces, these pieces go together well, but you will need to use some Green Stuff or that Games Work shop Liquid Greenstuff to smooth our some of the slight gaps that always occur on metal models. This is not a major job and neither is it due to bad casting, it's just par for course when working with Metal models.

The Chieftain Platoon was very enjoyable to build, and they are much larger than even I expected. The heft in the model is considerable, these are not fragile miniatures and even the barrels are firmer and stiffer than others I have used. I am unsure if QRF use a slightly firmer alloy, but it certain feels that way, there was of course some filing / filling and cleaning but these are very good quality Casts. 

A minor point, is that the Mantlett (where the Barrel meets the turret) wasn't a great look, but I Green stuffed some detail there to make it look better and based it on some Chieftain pictures.

Just to give a sense of perspective and scale, I grabbed one of the PAVN Units I am converting to Motor-Rifle Infantry as a comparison. I will also dig out some FOW Tanks just to get that sense of scale across. 

I've used a Battle Front Tiger from Flames of War (also 15mm) it's a very good illustration of the size and shape of a modern Battle tank Compared to even the largest of battle tanks in WWII. As you can see the size Comparison is pretty accurate, with reclined drivers modern MBT's have a much lower profile and are somewhat squatter (is that a word?) and broader with a larger flatter turret.  You can also see the detailing between them is very good, I cannot wait to get some paint on these Chieftains, although I am toying with the idea of Camo Netting (using open weave bandages), so they look more like this:-

I have actually modelled some of this Camo netting on now, once painted it should look alot better.


So here is the Force, more will be added over the next 12months, but it's 1500 points worth. 

Chieftain Mk5 x 4 = 800points

FV432 Mech Infantry Platoon = 400 points

FV432 MILAN Platoon = 300 points

So it will be good for the opening few months of the campaign and I will add to it over the next 12 months (Probably another Platoon of Chieftains or Mech Infantry, then some specialist pieces such as Scimitars and Tracked Rapiers).

Now to finish them off, and then prime then ready for a nice paint Job!


A quick Picture, of the vehicles, I will do a completely seperate post on these:-


The US and particular the BUNDESWEHR forces were extremely nice models (more than a little jealous) however the Campaign members who bought these forces can review them and I will "Copy & paste" it into this Blog. Onwards and Upwards.


This Website is great for Camo Patterns and Decals (have a little explore there are Gems galore in this)

Also this Website is good for Decals they are 1/87 rather than 1/100 however they should work well and nothing comparible is available in 1/100 (unless someone can show me otherwise?).

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