Wednesday, 24 October 2012

BAOR Finished

I will add more units to this, principally a Recce Platoon, another Challenger/Chieftain Platoon and an Abbot Gun section of 3 x 105mm Guns. 

One of our other Players is also collecting a UK Battlegroup, his is more of an Mechanised Force with additional Support elements rather than Tanks. This is the composition of his Battlegroup:-

Also the campaign is coming on further with a rules and aide memoires coming together. I will publish this as a group of documents on the AMBUSH ALLEY FORUM so others in the Force on Force Fraternity can make use of them and the time spent on them isn't a waste.


I've picked up some bits my wife said I could have as Stocking fillers for Christmas (YES *Bunches up fist*). 
I've seen these before and actually for the price / scale / and the fact they are painted they are decent enough. I will no doubt get sick of them at one point, re-spray them, paint them and buy some more decals, But for our purposes they will be great. 

I've also picked up these, which I think for a late 20th Century European Conflict are vital to setting the scene and reminding everyone that it is a modern Battlefield despite the look of fields and copse woodland being the same.


The 1st batch of tokens are done, quite pleased at the result, total cost for Die stamp and 300 counters + Sticker Paper is £20. Still have lots of counters and 16 sheets of paper, now preparing Tokens for all the players and also a bucket load of spares. Obviously being WARPAC I will need more due to having more Vehicles, Infantry, well just about more of everything. ( A big thank you to Oberst Fischer - it's not easy doing all this but with others helping out it's really more of a pleasure).


  1. Congratulations on getting BAOR into the field! They look brilliant. I can almost smell the Leyland diesels chugging away!
    Aye, Rusty.

  2. I am also thinking of starting 1980's era cold war in 15mm. However I shall be adapting the Peter Pig PBI rules. (not much to change, helicopters and ATGMs so I don't see too much of a problem.) But your force is about the size I shall be looking for. (They look Brill btw).

    Keep up the inspiring work.

  3. Hi, Really dig those Chieftains, still the coolest tank ever! Although most of my stuff is Soviet, one day I'll paint up those QRF Brits! Still looking for the perfect set of rules, Modern FOW was just funless.

  4. Yeah, I find Force on Force reasonably good, but it takes effort to gets to grip with it and it's not like a complete game system like say FOW or others.

    There is a bit of a gap in the market for a Modern 15mm game based around Battlegroups, which is playable and dynamic and not super involved. Once decoded FOF became much more fun, but things like the vehicle rules didn't work as well as it could and I know Piers was all over it, but FOF was just too Infantry Centric for a good Cold War Scrap?

    Love your Blog, a well deserved Liebster....

  5. Hornby make pylons! Thanks for the tip.