Monday, 8 October 2012


My first units, were a massive collection of FLAMES OF WAR, PAVN Forces. I spent alongtime cutting the front of the helmets off and filling off details. 

I have tried to copy some of the details of a Motor Rifle Division. It's more impressionism at this scale, but a wash can hide a multitude of sins. So this is just to get the idea and effect across. I kind of like doing small scale painting as I have spent the last 12 months painting 28mm Forge World models (lovely stuff!) and I can do a whole batch in a 3 hour sitting. This was the 1st experimental stand to tie down the colour scheme and see if it works. I think it gets it across but it isn't great but at this scale I'm not sure it matters too much, and bare in mind this is a Macro lens (Be nice). 

My main "Gucci" Motor Rifle Force, will be painted much more accurately and with all the nice bells and whistles BMP's and T-72's. 
This is about 1/7th of the Force below, I literally have 70 more bases to paint. These units are not Front line units, but will be used as Rear Echelon or as proxies for Hungarian Units, Czech or Poles.  I will use these units with cheap T55's and OT-62's or BTR50.

More pics of the other forces to follow.


  1. Watch out! If you look at that last photo carefully (top left corner), you can see a "Canuk" Leopard 1 laser range finder "death-dot."
    Line em up....
    Great work. Aye, Rusty

  2. That is a bit spooky, I think it must be the LED on my small USB speaker.