Sunday, 14 October 2012

Force on Force Token...

I'm not overly impressed with the Force on Force Tokens available from certain suppliers. They look awful and lack a certain logic to them. My intention is to produce my own, and if any others want to copy these and use them I have no problem with this.

A quick link to the Ambush Alley Forum where I uploaded the templates of the Tokens.

I will print these on Sticker paper, punch them out with a 21mm paper punch and then stick them onto 22mm White Tally discs. The whole thing costs £10, and I have 20 sheets of Sticker paper and 200 tally's, should be enough!

So here are the designs for the Counters:- 

So all told I will double up the sides of the tokens in some cases, so that one side is 1 KIA and the otherside is 2 KIA etc. 

Equally for the Campaign Map I will be used some of the counters for Artillery, and Units.

Here is an Example of the WARPAC Counters, these will obviously be used on the Campaign Map.

Again I will use the method above, to create the Unit Tokens. 

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