Saturday, 6 October 2012

Interesting Campaign information

A big Thank you to Rusty over at "Hurry up and Wait" who has joined our Campaign as the Doughty of the 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group (CMBG). Colonel "Rusty" Chief of Staff of the CMBG who through Battle Damage and losses ends up Commanding the entire brigade. Story to follow. 

I now have a significant number of NATO players (7) with only two WARPAC Players. I have purchased a further 2 WARPAC forces, buying a huge amount of Second hand 15mm WARPAC figures, from this I will hopefully rope in a few more players who will play as POLISH, CZECH, EAST GERMAN or HUNGARIAN.

Finally came across this, which represents all of the Organisation in a Motor Rifle Battalion. It has a nice "Habbo" style to it, and is actually quite a good Reference.

Eventually I would like to Collect a full Soviet Motor Rifle Battalion in 15mm, as I can then Parcel off sections to other Players and provide 3-4 Players with Forces from my Pool of Vehicles and The key things I need is the 122mm Artillery, but also the BTR 70's and a Bucket load of BMP's! 

He even does other Formations.... Just have a hunt around in the Directory above.


  1. The shoulder patch shown above is for 1 CMBG based domestically in Edmonton, Alberta. do a search for the 4 CMBG patch. It is a maple leaf with the NATO star superiposed and a 4 in the corner.

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