Saturday, 2 March 2013

Where have I been? 

Honestly, I've had a new Desktop PC and I'm going back to all the things I used to play before I got a Laptop (Steam is great - it keeps all those titles sitting there ready for when you want to dust them off). 

I have also been getting back into ArmA 2 which is just superb and the community has evolved alot of great mods in the last few years when I drifted from Gaming altogether and focused on Wargaming and more social face-to-face stuff. 

I have also been trying to finish my WWII British Guards Sherman Force for FOW "Market Garden" book.

What's happening? 

Well Great news, alot of my friends and Gaming compatriots have been finishing their armies ready to do battle and they are all supplying me with Pictures, which is great for the Blog and great for you, the reader.

Me and Kris got together and put our collective Soviets together into a "Red Tide", I was very pleased with the effect.

A10 screaming in to do some major damage!!!

You can see on the lead T80, Kris is in the process of doing a two-tone Camo on his T80s. I think it looks great, equally the nylon bristle brushes off a brush make amazing "Whip Aerials" for Command vehicles. 

Latest Model Releases :- 

AWESOME !!!! Battlefront have brought forward some very nice offerings. What do you all think? PT-76 is very nice indeed.

I've also heard a rumour that they are doing 15mm Plastic M113's, which would be epic for NATO players and I'm hoping their Vietnam range will expand further, it's all to our benefit. 

Latest Projects :-

I'm now doing a USMC 1986 list for a friend using Peter Pig Models (and I have to say they are very nice), but I've got enough spares to do a Homage to an ARMA 2 Gaming Group and arguably the premier Gaming Group in the AMRA 2 Community "Shack Tactical" run by Dsylecxi. 

They do fun.......SERIOUS FUN.... 

Check out some of their Video's on Youtube, they do the Cold War justice and it's great to see people doing this properly without the stupid arcade type portrayals of modern conflict.


  1. Ah, another Arma 2-fellow :D
    I hope you´ve been playing Multiplayer with ACE+ACRE, otherwise you´ve been missing all the fun parts. Unfortunately, my PC is already beeing pushed to its limits with all the mods even on low settings, but a new one is already ordered. Right on time for the Arma 3 Alpha ;)

    And by the way, that tanks will be turned into burning rubble by that A10, not very wise to place them into such a dense formation :D

  2. You know what, I reckon there are probably alot of Wargamers that play something like ARMA, or the old Flashpoint. I think it fits our more patient take on things.

    Yeah the tank formation was for Dramatic effect rather than Tactical Expediency ;)

  3. Yeah, it´s always the same kind of guys who bunch up together with similar interest :D And honestly, which wargamer who likes to play modern scenarios can miss out on Arma?

  4. Hooley dooley that's a lot of tanks...

    Where's my tac nuke?