Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thoughts and Feedback

I'm getting alot of great feedback and some even more amazing suggest force lists coming back at me for other forces which are formatted and well thought through - . There is always space for tweaking and improvement, but more significantly expansion. 

My intention is to change the Way I am doing this and to follow a little more of the "Intel Brief" type methodology. By using the Rules as they are but releasing PDF books and with all the forces in for a Theatre.  So with this in mind here is how I am breaking it down.

1. Germany (e.g what I have so far in the single book) - Stopping the Red Tide.
2. Scandinavia (e.g. USMC, UK Marines, Norway vs Sweden / Finland vs WARPAC)
3. Iceland / Greenland (US, UK, Iceland, Danes vs Soviets)
4. Alpine (e.g Austria , Switzerland, France Italy vs WARPAC)

Anyone who can help with Orbats for 2,3,4 based on 1986 please get in touch. 

Special thanks so far goes to :- 

Vander, Strelkovaya, MaahisKuningas, KlashnikovMarine, Robert Kelly,

Many of you are helping behind the scenes and credits will be given in the Final documents!


  1. You could add Canadians to Scandinavia in the form of the Canadian Air-Sea Transportable Brigade (CAST)

    Canadian Air-Sea Transportable Brigade (CAST)

  2. Good call...CAST was a bit of disaster but we would just assume they were successful ;) .

  3. Well, yeah... but hey! This is all fantasy anyway, right?