Tuesday, 5 March 2013

USMC / US Army Work ongoing..

Some snaps of USMC / US ARMY Stuff...

I love Peter Pig Models, despite the criticisms of the faces the Quality of the models their weapons, their Web-gear, their stances and detail is just the best I've seen. I would recommend anyone to use QRF Vehicles but use Peter Pig Infantry, they are great, problem is the range isn't as extensive across the Cold War as say QRF.

I have to stay Woodland Camo is a bitch to get right at 15mm or even approximately enough to give that "impression" at this scale....Anyone with any tips post them up. In the meantime here are few snaps.

Platoons, Base coated ready for Camo...

My attempts to approximate the WOODLAND CAMO BDU's. 

To be honest these guys look more Modern, like this guy below rather than like 1986 Woodland Camo BDU's....

It's not as good as I would like, I think maybe more black lines using a Pen, or possible a Black Ink wash?? Your thoughts guys?

On top of this I have 4 x HMMWV's (Peter Pig ones, with interchangable Weapons, so will magnetise and go for HMG's and TOW's) on the way, a pair of AAV's (QRF) and a Platoon of M113's (BF Vietnam Boxed Set), should make an Interesting little Mechanised Force and I might yet grab some M60A3 PATTON just to round it out a bit.


  1. These guys look good - try a black wash or brown wash to finish off - think you'll get the shade you're looking for!

  2. I think a black wash would be worth a try. Good looking platoon, though! I agree that Peter Pig are a great range.