Tuesday, 26 March 2013


It's been quite humbling to see people get involved in the things I've been doing on this blog. I really like the idea of others building on what I have done and taking it in different directions. It gives me an enormous sense of gratification to see others groups forming, using modified rules and fighting out Cold War Scenario's.   I don't own this, I merely rolled a snowball down a mountain and it seems to be gaining momentum all of it's own.

One such Group is based in Canada.....But I'll let them speak for themselves. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.


There is a group of gamers here in Ottawa, the capital of Canada who have formed a group called the Dice Devils ( . Most of us started off in Warhammer 40K, but now we are mainly interested in Flames of War. We also have a friendly rivalry with the Petawawa Miniature Soldiers club, located about two hours away from us ( Its located near one of our larger army bases and most of the members are either serving soldiers or retried military. I myself, spent 18 years in the Canadian Army reserves (artillery) and I’ve had a tour of Bosnia and one in Afghanistan.

A couple of months ago, one of our founding members, Dennis (aka Matt Varnish) said we should get into the Cold War. In 1986, Dennis lived in Baden, Germany when his dad was in the RCAF and fondly remembers seeing all the military vehicles and aircraft. Knowing that I like to do Canadian armies (even my 40K armies are based on the modern Canadian army) Dennis told me that I should do Canadians, knowing that he’d have me hooked. We then recruited Mark, (aka Sirrand) who is very slowly doing up a German/Danish unit. Mark is a lifelong civilian who’s still trying to get people to play colonials with him.

Dennis then offered to be the hated Soviets and we all sent in a very heavy order to QRF.

So, we ordered all this metal, but didn’t know what ruleset we were going to use. In doing some searches we came across Mike’s excellent site and we became intrigued. We already play FOW and this would make the transition easier, plus it would be easier to recruit new players from within our group. I’ve been helping him with his Canadian lists and as we are getting close to having our models painted we should start playing shortly. We’ll ensure that we send Mike a copy of our first battle report.

Rob (aka RKelly)


  1. Great job depicting 4CMBG on the rampage fellas. You may just have inspired me to hurry up and get my own Canucks onto the table! Aye, Rusty

    1. Well, Rusty, you inspired me to get these guys started. With luck this weekend I will have 10 Leopards and 5 Lynxes done. Now I just need infantry. I just might try Battlefronts US Viet Nam infantry. I'm also going to have a look at BF's new M113s.

    2. Yeah the new M113's are supposed to be Plastic and very nice, they are supposedly coming with "all the trimings". E.g Mortar Carrier, ACAV and 50 cal turret variants.

      I get the feeling almost everyone who plays NATO will be buying these!

  2. Well done Rob...I'm waiting to see BFs Aussies, the bushcap looks like a fairly close match to the field cap we used to wear, and hey, SLRs/FNs...

    I have to ask, are your leopard crew from QRF as well?


  3. Stan,

    Never thought of the Anzac infantry. Might be a good idea. I was going to think about about using the Centurions circa early 70s as they looked cool in the three colour Cdn pattern.
    The crewmen are the Nato QRF crewman, but I'd also use the BF Brit tank crewmen if I had extras.

  4. Pretty cool! I will eventually make my 82nd Airborne and 2 ACR force.

  5. I would love to see an 82nd Force, I might whip up a list just for you, Commissarmoody.

    It would have to be mainly infantry possibly just a few air-drop-able vehicles but more Crew served TOWS etc.

    That would be a damn fun list....*Rummages around for a 1986 - 82nd Orbat or TO&E*