Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Much Happier with Results now....

I looked at these over and over and realised that compared to the US Woodland Camo there wasn't enough Tan in there. 

So looking at this I went back to my miniatures, put more a layer of TAN coloured stripes, then added Black and some green to make the pattern more natural. I also exagerated the Pattern which I think is ok at this scale. Here are the Results (I am happy with these models now). 
These had too much Tan but I toned it down with a bit more  "Reflective Green"

A different stand from the front
Under pure Whitelight conditions, all models washed with "Nuln Oil"

Under a long exposure no Flash.

Command Element, Medic with Bag on left and Officer pointing out things of Significance  (Baaawwww - Blackadder!)

Bought some Dead markers for giggles, quite like the Medic with the IV Bag
More Dead bodies

So I need to get the old PVA out do some of the static grass and they will be all done. Thanks for the suggestions. I might even highlight the Hands and faces with a slightly lighter shade just to give some definition.

Next up M113's, M60A3, AAV's and HMMWV's.

SWEET JESUS - ARMA 3 Alpha is out

The Greatest Military Sim has been given Botox and a facelift....

This is in Game......IN GAME!!!!!
Yes it's an alpha, yes it's buggy, but by god if they haven't moved the whole series up like 5 gears. It's still the same game underneath just with alot of the silly things sorted (like grenades). By Autumn this year, this game will be released properly and it will be amazing even if only 3/4 of the bugs get sorted. 

In the meantime if you want to be an Alpha Tester get on Steam and start testing (£19.99) but you will get the Beta and the full release, so it's half-price and you get to make the game better. Nice!!!


  1. Great job!!!! These guys are first-class. The colors for the BDUs are PERFECT.