Sunday, 10 February 2013



I really love this game, it is well researched and well executed, it is a combination RTS with more of a Military Tactics focus.

It's Currently on STEAM as a special for £5.99 instead of £23.00, I've just bought it again on Steam (Had a DVD copy) to grab the 3 Downloadable Content Packs. You need a fairly good system to run it, but for anyone with a Cold War fetish this game is outrageously good.

Essentially you earn Command Points and call up units you want, but you can unlock the Tech-tree with General Stars. General Stars are given for completing objectives quickly, success in missions or evacuating forces/ killing specific Enemy units.  You decide what units to unlock, so if you want the M1A1 Abrams you can, but be aware for the number of stars you could have unlocked, transport helo's, logisitics vehicles and heavy artillery.

You can instantly zoom from a Unit or Platoon, right to a Divisional Overview, with unit dispositions and Sectors all marked. You can even play without going to the lower "Grunt Eye view" but you will want to, because watching 2 platoons of T-64BM's being ambushed by 3 Experienced Chieftains/Challengers/Abrams/ Leopard 2 is like watching a Lion maul a sheep.

It's just epic, pick it up....I guarantee if you are Wargamer you will enjoy it. Get on Youtube and check out some of the Battles, it's brilliant. Get it, install it, max out the graphics turn up the sound and be standby for the sounds of battle.  

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  1. I really like WEE, very fun and deadly game. even the toughest units get blown up if you unfocus from them for too long. FISH & CHIPS is suitably destructive and time consuming, even junk Inf can hold up major assaults. Decent arty sorts them out!