Monday, 11 February 2013

ZVESDA now doing stuff for Cold War in Plastic?

I came across a thread on  and it looks like this stuff is going to be launched this year.

This will be great for 15mm (1/100) and 20mm (1/72) Gamers across the country.

 Available here apparently.

So what do you all make of it? I'm pretty pleased. 


  1. I've got a lot of 15mm Modern stuff, but I can always use more! I hope they turn out well.

  2. This is an incredible opportunity. So far it's been very hush-hush from Zvezda on locations / pricing and availability but I'm hoping they're as cost effective as their 1/100 WWII Art of Tactic vehicles. I will most likely equip an entire MRR and Tank Regiment with them, using the pewter troops from the Command Decision line.

    It sure beats QRF or Command Decision for vehicle pricing!

    This is long overdue I think.

  3. I think Zvesda is "Boxing Clever" here, I've also heard a rumour that BATTLEFRONT is working on a COLD WAR Line. So watch this space, when I get a Cease & Desist notice for making my own adaptation of their rules.

  4. Shame that they decided to go with T-72B(w/K-5 ERA, so pretty much 1989+ stuff) and BTR-80 (instead of 70, again, late 80s and still in small quantities), I would have found the orginal Bravo (or at least with K-1) more attractive, or T-80BV. But yeah, if this range kicks off (I have doubts about that, but if FoW puts out the cold war version, then we might have hope) we might have other vehicles too, fex. BMP-2 or 3 would be extremely welcommed, or light vehicles like HMMWV and UAZ-469 - as it seems that skytrex stalled their PW-range into mid 70s, these might be the new super toughs.
    Anyway, both Bradley and M1A1 will work fine in european stage 1986+, but the AH-64 (would have preferred cobra anyway..) is no-go until 1987-88. Shame that they didint put out hind in 1:100. Hope they would do it with their utility helos though I doubt it, with quick guess I would say they will do allmost clicheish blackhawk vs Mi-8/17. I have nothing against Mi-8/17, the QRFs one was issued with GW-style realistic battle damage for what I have seen :D

    But yeah, Im eagerly waiting for these, propably get few Bravos for my ultra-modern Russians to wrestle against PLA and M1A1s for my central front US Army - and sure does those figs do well in vignette/diorama purposes if quality remains same than with the Art-of-tactic ones.


    Some painted "sneak peeks".