Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I'm now convinced after to talking to Piers and a few others online and doing some play testing that Force on Force is not a good ruleset for Battlegroup / Combat team/ Company level engagements. The final things that tipped the balance was the fact that 4 players have said if it was based on Flames of War or a modification they would be happier because they don't want to learn another ruleset. 

So I have started to write my own modification of the rules. The points lists remain extant. 

  • Based on FOW v3 with modifications for Range (infinite range on anything GPMG and above because lets be honest a 6 x 4 board in 15mm is point blank).
  • Extra special rules such as Fire Control Computers (negats the +1 for over 16" away).
  • New HQ Rules - NATO Unbroken chain of Command killing a CO is less of an ENDEX.
  • New Small Arms Rules.
  • New Artillery Mechanics.
  • New Observer Rules to represent more sophisticated radio command nets.
  • New Vehicle and ATGM stats. 
A very rough "Work in progress rules" has been circulated to get some feed back as I will begin playtesting this week.

I have 3 more players :-

  1. A Polish Army (possibly Polish Guards Army), falls nicely into the Campaign structure.
  2. A USMC Force (Tanks, AAV7 & Infantry + AH-1 Cobra) I intend as per SACEURS Signal to land the USMC Force in Denmark and they can drive South towards HAMBURG. 
  3. A US Army Player using older Equipment from Vietnam Era with a few additions, I will probably say he is a National Guard formation about to flown Home after taking part in REFORGER and place him firmly in CENTAG.


One more Terrain piece nearly done...Need to base it on Fibreboard and then flock it... I was tempted to spray it metallic, wash it and dust it in ochre weathering powder.

I am after some realistic Artillery strike markers most are ridiculously comic in nature, and don't capture how they work... I essentially want in 15mm maybe cast in Resin or plastic that I can paint and use to show artillery strikes, Air-strikes/missile strikes or cannon strafing runs.

 Like this, I wonder if I could make this? I would need between 8 and 12 of them, any idea's anyone?


Again Colonel Rusty continues to crank out the beautiful miniatures which are rapidly becoming his trademark. He did say these are temporary Bases. Obviously this is an Observer Helicopter hence OH-58 KIOWA. Lovely stuff...


  1. Interesting modifications: they have added a thread for modifications of FoF on the AAG forum, maybe something useful could be found there.
    The choppers do look great!
    As for the explosions, I've seen many of them and I think these look the best-[go to almost the bottom of the page]

  2. The rules modification are a real labour of love. I will get back to you once I have a good read. On the explosions front I am happy to make some markers similar to the ones I use for "Hurry Up and Wait." I picked up the method from a WW1 gamer and did a couple of posts on the blog with pictures as a tutorial. The technique is similar for the Milan exhaust plume which can be seen in my recent posts? All good things. Aye Rusty.

    1. Wow...Rusty I totally missed your Cocktail stick based explosions... They are a fantastic idea! Right I need to find how to make is look like smoke.

  3. Nice looking kiowa!! 444 Swn would be happy to buzz around in it. Can't wait to see more of those Canucks...quick question, which minis are you using for the grunts?


  4. Re: explosion markers. I remember seeing an article about making blast markers for epic armageddon using steel wool. You can tease it into shape and mount on a base, then prime black and add a bit of red/yellow at the base. Holds its shape well, is cheap and weighted so not so easy to knock around.

  5. Hi Stan, Glad you like the Canuck stuff. Mwnciboo is building a great campaign and I have been waiting to put together a 4 CMBG force since reading Kenneth Macksay's "First Clash" back in the 80s. Canuck infantry of the 80s are remarkably similarly equiped to Argentine infantry from the Falklands (covered M1 helmets and FN FAL rifles). I am therefore using MJ Figures 15mm Argentines. The poses of the standing figures are a little limited but there are some excellent figures in trenches which sould give the force some character. I will try to get some more infantry done for a future post. Yours aye, Rusty

  6. @Stan We are using QRF miniatures although I am quite taken with Peter Pig AK47 at the moment as with the greatest respect to QRF their Infantry is "hit & miss" where as Peter Pigs are very nicely detailed and have alot of options (I know people moan about the faces but personally it doesn't bother me, plus at 15mm it could just be a blob?).

  7. Howdy gents, thank you muchly for the info. ATM I'm torn between early-mid 80's or late 80's for 4 CMBG. I tried a pack of QRF Brit infantry w/ FNs, but haven't seen any C2s (although I could just scratch those)...on the other hand, 88 onward saw the new kit and small arms...decisions, decisions, lol. Unfortunately I missed the Lahr era by about 1-2 years but my brother was there from 85-closing.

    Looking forward to seeing some more and thanks again.


  8. I want to do a Cdn force. Where did you get the decals?


    They are 1/87 but they look fine on 1/100 scale

  10. Thanks. Just ordered two sets. My test models just showed up from QRF. Lynx is nice, Leopard A4 is ok, but the M113s are crap. Might use Battlefront, but probably IrishSerb.

  11. Fair enough, BF are about to launch a re-vamp of their Vietnam ruleset so I'm guessing the price of M113's will probably be hiked (Sorry I'm cynical). That said my FLGS has a few of the older M113 Transports. I think it was about £30 for a pack of 4?

  12. Rusty. You may know this, but on all non Leopards (M113 etc) we used a black maple leaf with no white border. At first I thought all the decals had a white border, but I found out that the third row was actually all black. Found out by mistake, but I'm glad I did as they look great on the M113s.

  13. Great looking models! I realize I am very late in this reply, but where did you get your Kiowas from? I am searching for them in 1/100 and have had no luck finding someone who still makes them. Thanks, James