Saturday, 1 December 2012


Having a December Birthday is a bit of a downer, as you go 11 months with nothing and everything comes in December, plus as a Kid I used to get annoyed with people saying "This is for Christmas and Birthday!" Cheap B*stards...Makes me sound ungrateful but when you have brothers and sisters you tend to get a bit Bitter and twisted about it.. C'est la vie.

Anyway another birthday has come, and the wife has given me some wanted bits and pieces for this Blog (happy times!).

1st the REVELL 1/100 A-10.... Mixed opinion on this one, it's a reasonable model, paint job is reasonable, detail is appalling. Apparently the A10 was a 2 Seater? After researching there are 2 of these two seaters that were ever built, one blew up in a crash in the desert during testing, the Second one is outside EDWARDS AFB as a Trophy.

So as you can see I cut the second Pilot/WSO out and modelled over him. The paint job was awful on the pilot so I re-did it, as were the Bombs and Weapons, painted the engines / Turbines/ exhausts. I actually varnished it, Pinwashed it, then Dullcoated it and finally put on some Weathering powders.

Secondly I've received some nice HO scale terrain and some 4Ground terrain for other projects and terrain for this game.

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