Friday, 30 November 2012

Another Air Dropped Delivery to the Frontline

The second large Club order has arrived, and Colonel Rusty should be receiving some Canuck Reinforces as well..

This is a Guards Force for Colonel Kristianski, made up of BMP's Infantry, and a 3 Platoons of 3 T80's (Holy ****)....

This is Colonel Markarov's Soviet Airborne VDV Force.

Yup, thats 4 Hind D's with Infantry and a Small platoon of BMD's.

This is the other British Mech Force the Royal Welch, under Colonel James.

The Lynx looks lovely, and should look stunning on the battlefield.

Just for comparison, look at the Lynx in comparison to the HIND.  The HIND is a flying Monster...

I also Received my own reinforcements to the Motor Rifle Company, so I will be able to field 2000 points plus.


We also received the Special Forces Models which will be used within the Campaign for fluffy reasons, or the previously discussed Critical Actions. The models delivered were:-

SAS - M16/w 203 with nice Beanie hats on (very 80's looking!).
GREEN BERETS - Mix of M16 Commando armed Troops with Field Caps.
DELTA / NAVY SEALS - Mix of more Modern with NVG's and weapon sights.

Reviews and pictures to follow, there will be alot more going on in this blog in the upcoming weeks and will be more model and force centric with the Fluff background being toned down. As future plot lines will be determined by the outcomes of battles rather than my imagination.


  1. Wow, those Hinds look good! Makes me wish I had bought them instead of those 1/144 platic models. Oh well.

  2. That's a lovely pile of loot. I'm looking forward to seeing them painted, especially the helicopters, something unfortunately I can't use much of in 20mm...

  3. Ben I kind of agree with you about aircraft in 20mm. It looks a bit bizarre with 15mm/100 like the A-10 at the post above, as even at this scale they are quite big. It's strange but maybe I should have gone for 1/144 for Support Aircraft.... Anyway bygones.