Saturday, 21 September 2013


So a whole year has passed since I started this project...

I've been back through it all and it amazes me how i started in one direction just to have a campaign and share it , and before long I was building an entire modification of the FOW v3 Ruleset.

I've been all over the place until I settled on my current course of action and then everything went a bit mad and I seemed to be gaining a really good group of followers, all of which are supportive and interested in this period.

So what have I still got that's gathering dust?

The campaign Map and Campaign Unit Tokens so you can fight out each battle of each Brigade/ Division / Corps as the WARPAC aims to take all of West Germany. I'm going to put these up for anyone to grab and use as they want the map is A1 so if you send it to a specialist printer it looks great. I was hoping to do a Firestorm Campaign type thing. This will be done when I get back a short break.

The future....

Refining the rules, and building the newer style books.

Liaising and supporting Cold War 15mm producers, including grabbing the more unusual models.

Helping to identify gaps in the market, and ways we can fill them with Proxies.

1/100 25mm Bradley Barrel.

Barrels, I've got quite a few. I want to help you guys out there with these excellent Brass items which help to make your models last. So when you invest in QRF Marders or whatever spend a few more quid and gets some Barrels or send me your orders and I'll see what I can do.

Above all thanks for reading, questioning, commenting, e-mailing, suggesting, tweaking and encouraging me this last year, I'm looking forward to the next year with a real focus and determination to deliver a great project to the FOW community.     Mike


  1. Mike,
    Congrats on the milestone. You're doing gamers everywhere a great service!


  2. Many thanks for the time and effort!!

    Do you do BMP2 barrels?

    1. Yeah, I think so..But I'm waiting for several options to come in and I'll have a look.

  3. More power to ya! I'm intrigued by those brass barrels, who makes them?

  4. Another question about the barrels, who makes them and where can folk get hold of them?

  5. Hi guys, I will do a post on these things shortly...I've been on Holiday / Working and fly back in tomorrow. I originally bought some from Combat Wombat but have no got in touch with their supplier. The Supplier is RB Model - I'm talking to them about improving / adding to the range.

    I've currently got different scales 1:100 1:72 and some bizzarely look better with slightly oversized weapons *I suppose you would say HEROIC 15mm!!*. My intention is to do a post that covers the best barrels for each type of vehicle? Or at least those that are a reasonable approximation.

  6. Can I make a suggestion, as potential additions to the Canadian force list, the Canadian Airborne Regiment and its higher formation, the 2nd Special Service Force? This was a formation that was tapped to reinforce Norway in the event of war, but could very well have been deployed to Germany if necessary.

    Some of the units of 2 SSF you'd already have rules for (8 Canadian Hussars' Lynx-equipped recce troop, 1 Royal Canadian Regiment as a mech infantry battalion, etc).

    The Airborne would need new rules; they were organized in a rather unconventional fashion, which makes them interesting. They had access to a parachute artillery battery, as well. I'd suggest Fearless Trained for them (Confident Trained, like 4 CMBG, for the rest of 2 SSF).

    Just a thought, anyway.

  7. Some good suggestions. So far I have endeavoured to stay away from specific units trying to keep it generic like US Cav rather than 11th acr etc. Chiefly because I don't the time or inclination to do list for every NATO or WARPAC unit out there. What I'm hoping is that you take the generic stuff and personalise it as you see fit....The canadians will be in book 3 with the UK and Bundeswehr though this could change to be just UK and Canadian. Alot of your suggestions have been or will be added in to this book. :)