Saturday, 5 October 2013


So I've been meaning to put this on the blog for a while, but between work, my house and a Working Holiday,  I'm a little behind.

I'm not too sure how to play this at the moment, but I have bought about £50's worth of different Barrels from both :-

Combat Wombat miniatures    (Best for US & CAN)

And their direct Barrel Suppliers

RB Model  (Best for EU)

Now I can help you guys out with supplying bits and bobs, for example if you are unsure which barrel is what size etc.  if you contact me I'll send you size samples / Pictures by e-mail next to known models to give you a better feel. If you want larger amounts I think contacting these guys directly is preferable.

I would consider getting them in and supplying you guys with core ranges for various Weapon Systems or Vehicles?

I am open to suggestions as to how we could do this, I could buy alot of the most common ones used as a kind of "Reduced but specific offering".

20mm Cannons


Flak 2cm 10 x 2cm         100L02               1.40 (Euro for 10)

These are great proxies for a 20mm cannon for just about any NATO / WARPAC / Independent Vehicle.

Photo Courtesy of L. Nunez

Photo Courtesy of L.Nunez 

Photo Courtesy of L.Nunez

Photo Courtesy of L.Nunez

Photo Courtesy of L.Nunez

Photo Courtesy of L.Nunez

Photo Courtesy of me!

As you can see I used this particular Barrel in the Bradley Conversion. It makes a lose approximation of a 20mm or 25mm Cannon, and at this scale is very effective.

30mm - 40mm Scale Cannons

It is 1/72 but should scale up nicely to 30mm when you use this on a 1/100 vehicle...e.g 25% bigger so would be approx 31mm scale bore - but at this scale it should look good on anything with 30mm, like a BMP-2, Scimitar or Warrior etc etc.

1/72 Scale

25mm M242    72B52     0.77 (Euro each)

1/100 Scale

Bofors 40mm 4 x 40mm 100L01 1.37 (Euro for 4)

Flak 3,7cm    10 x 3,7cm     100L03     1.40 (Euro each)

40mm - 50mm Scale Cannons

It is 1/72 but should scale up okay to approx 40-50mm when you use this on a 1/100 vehicle.

3.7cm Flak 43 L/60                        72B57         0.93 (Euro each)

3.7cm Flak 36/37 L/60               72B58       0.93 (Euro each)

50mm+ Scale Cannons

So for bigger models like BMP-1 73mm stubby Cannon - I would recommend the 1/72 - 45mm which is slightly underscale but shouldn't be noticable.

1/72 Scale


PzKpfw. III M 5cm KwK 39 L/60       72B12        0.67 (Euro each)

100mm D-10T L/53.5 T-55       72B03       1.23 (Euro each)

Sherman M4A3 75mm M3       72B15       0.67 (Euro each)


I am hoping to discuss the possibility of doing 120mm and 125mm Tank barrels in 1/100 for Main Battle Tanks. 

So I will send out some of these to those who have asked me on E-mail, and I will look at how we do this in future, as to whether I will get a stock of these and send them out or just direct people to buy these directly from the other two suppliers.


  1. What would you recommend for me to replace the completely useless BTR-80 barrels from my QRF BTR's? Because QRF are in serious need for better metal in their models.. the barrels of my BTRs bend down over time from their own weight, thats how soft mine are!

  2. I would recommend the Flak 2cm, but just drill the pin hole a bit deeper so you don't have to cut the base of the brass barrel (it's quite tough!).

  3. I need firefly barrels any recommendations?Also need some for my m 10 achilles.

  4. Okay...I haven't bought any like that - But if I had to, I would go for SP1 Barrel on Combat Wombat. Maybe buy 1 and see how it looks, it is possibly out of scale at 1/72 - So you would need to be careful - I mainly buy for modern so haven't looked at the WWII stuff.

    Click on this and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Maybe buy 1 or 2 but don't go mad till you work out whats what, it might be worth you doing a review of them for your Blog from the WWII perspective? It would help the community and get more traffic to your site.

  5. What would you recommend for Stug 4,Panzer 4 and a 105 Sherman?For the Stug and PAnzers they are PSC and my barrels broke off.

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