Friday, 6 September 2013

11th ACR - Colonel Tempest's Boys

So here is another force from one of my fellow Club Members, play tester, fellow FOW nut and all round stand-up guy who has been a dedicated supporter of this project since the off...

So he decided to adopt the Cavalry because he wanted the Bradley's in numbers but he also wanted the freedom to use other US Forces. He did however use Decals of CAV but we don't let that worry us because we aren't "Rivet Counters" to use that wonderful turn of phrase.

Pair of BRADLEY's with 2 x M901 ITV's with TOW Missiles in Stowed position and an M577 Command Track.

One of the two Core Cavalry Platoons!

Oh and you always need some Punch, so the M1 Platoon was added for further support.

I think with his units, and some of my own US Stuff we could do 4000pts of US. With Brits I reckon 6000pts and with COLONEL FISCHER's Bunderswehr Panzer Grenadiers, I think 10000pts of NATO.

I've got 4000pts of WARPAC, and with the other WARPAC Players I think we could have a Huge Dust up! A big battle report is coming!


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed, I am trying to find some other 15mm Models to add flavour to HQ's. One of the things bandied around was the M88 Hercules but no one produces one in 15mm :/ .

  2. Look great. Your site has inspired me finally do the period after many years on the sideline but I have gone for 20mm. Keep up the great work.

  3. Great, I'll be sure to keep a look out. I'm big friends with Andy over at Cold War Gamer, and his blog is 20mm and also inspired me, so it's kind of gone full circle!