Friday, 19 July 2013


Another awesome Cold War Supplement for "Flames of War"

There was a bit of a discussion in the previous post about possible Six-day War lists. Forgive my ignorance, but I had no idea that AMROTH had produced something quite frankly astonishing.

This has raised the Bar, his level of detail and the quality of the Books is impressive.

You can download them for FREE!!!! from his Blog link here.

I would love to draw together lots of resources like this in my Blog - Not to take credit for them, which I would never do, but to highlight the incredible levels of effort members of the community have taken upon their own shoulders for the benefit of others often with little or no money, just research, effort and dedication.

This stuff is Inspirational...I hope you guys are inspired too and give AMROTH some appreciation, although giving him messages on his blog seems to be difficult ?

Guys on your wonderings around the Internet please send me or add a comment highlighting this stuff...

I will build a set of links for all kinds of "Flames of War" based Cold War Rules.


  1. Thank you, I also found it first thing this morning. I appreciate your looking for it as well. My thanks.

  2. Clint, honestly thank you. Because of your question I've ended up discovering alot of FOW content off the beaten track and possibly some contacts who can help me. Who knows you might see my stuff improving and getting a bit more professional with help from a few people. ;)

    1. Hopefully that counts as a win win then.

    2. "Tour Of Duty" Arrived this morning. I can't say it will be any use for this project at all. A few vehicle stats, but only a few. But being positive it was worth a try. Oh well chalk it up to experience.

      Once again thanks for the help so far. (If this reads as Negative please forgive me, not meant to be!)

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I found your site when I started working on my Six Day War Rules and was really excited that others were working on rules for the time periods they found intresting.

  4. Great community spirit and excellent work both Mwnciboo & Amroth.
    I cant wait for future releases for more cold war gaming!