Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fjodin for the Win?

So the LIONS Lost the other day in Australia, final test coming up, the decider. Which brings me on to another subject also from Australia.

Remember my Bet....

Remember this....

And This...

Well I think Fjodin's done well here....Very Well. He showed more commitment to these models than I was willing to do. So all in all, I'm glad they went to a good home and they look great. If you want to Congratulate him yourself, then pop over to his Blog.

As you can see this is:-

Peter Pig 15mm USMC from the AK47 Range.  (I've used these in my own 15mm US Army / USMC)

QRF 15mm M113  from the Post War Range.  (Fjodin has done a very good Head swap)

Irish Serbs HMMWV / Hummer / Humvee / choose your own colloquialism

I've recently had an E-mail from Irish Serb, he's having a bit of a break but will be back soon and when you are a one Man band or a small group it's understandable that production, as well as life in general and possibly holding down a day job can be problematic. Anyway he's keen to get back and start production but just not yet! *Crosses fingers hoperfully soon, I want some of his AAV's and Hummers!*

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