Saturday, 29 June 2013

Okay...I'm an Idiot.

I've been getting alot of e-mails from people pointing out Errors and I've been getting frustrated because I've already solved those issues....After pondering on this I realised, during a Copy paste to the 3.1v of my Rules, I hadn't updated the link and so linked to the old version 1.1 which was still being shared. 

So as you can Imagine there are a ton of changes and tweaks....

I only found this because I am working on v4.0 of the Rules, and I'm going through re-doing the force lists to align points, and capabilities across the board. Equally changes and marks of vehicles plus integrating the Independents equipment is a good point, it seems like a good point to redo all the lists. 

It's taken about 20 hours, but I don't want to release just yet because I need to go over and over and over them to reduce errors and mistakes because once I draw it all together to publish as a single PDF, minor changes can be problematic. 

I'm adding alot of extra content.....

Still waiting on the Zvezda Stuff.....


  1. Very excited for V4.0, running some demo games at my local club today to build some interest in the great work you've done.


  2. Gamers who point out errors? I find that very hard to believe..... :)

  3. Cant wait. Keep up the good work. Your project has finally pushed over some of my gaming buddies into the modern era!!

    1. That's good to hear...It all started over a cup of tea when everyone was arguing about things like Tiger II's and how good they were, and someone piped up "I would love to see a Centurion"..Then an Old School War-horse chimed in "Bollocks - Chieftain is what you want mate".

      I've got a lot going on in the background, and some Collaborative stuff to. The more we test and refine the better this will get, I've got a graphic artist on board to, so expect to see some nice original graphics.

  4. my club is very very in to this, we are playing it with 6mm tanks.It works very well. Thank you so much, I will send you some pictures of the games.

  5. That's Great, I would dearly love to see that. If you want to do a mini-article with it (Just a few lines) that would be great. I'll stick it on here.