Saturday, 8 June 2013

M577 - Battlefronts nice new model

A nice new model for my collection and a very nice model it is to...

I've used a bit of Liquid greenstuff to fill fine gaps and to improve the finish of the model...But overall I like the model, from a realism stand point I believe most of these vehicles dumped the 0.50cal certainly in the Mid-1980's. I'm not sure about in Vietnam.

I also picked up a Can of this.....

After a recommendation from REAVER 83 on Dakkadakka and his personal Blog site here (one of my favourite WW2 15mm blogs)...

Version 1.1 of the Independents List Now released 

I made numerous mistakes, and also did not give the Swedish and Finnish lists in particular, the attention to detail they deserve. So after apologising to Swedish and Finnish Readers, I have made the relevant changes and integrated their Feed back.

It's all good, I will always listen to the community and try as much as possible to integrate suggestions.


The Foundations of my House are going in...The area enclosed by the Palette will be my Studio, the garage is top right. Top left, is the Retaining wall into the Hillside. Am I excited?

To quote the little Girl in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation "I'm Sh*tting Bricks!".  It's quite nervous having a house built, so yeah it's a terrifying rollercoaster of emotions.

The models are keeping me sane.

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  1. Fantastic news on this house. Might have to look into getting myself some liquid GS to smooth out my QRF Vehicles.