Sunday, 9 June 2013


So amongst all the craziness that is my life at the moment, I had a very unexpected but very pleasant e-mail from Geoff over at QRF.

We love Armoured Vehicles!

Hi Mike 

You seem to be developing quite a following. :-)

We wanted to offer something to those who come to/through you. I have set up a redemption code that they enter on checkout. It gives them a 20% discount on orders of £100 or more. The code is "redtide" and works on top of any platoon pack deals (so buying 10 BMPs would give them 10% off those items, plus another 20% off the total if the order total came to £100 or more).

I may even look at setting up some packs that coincide with the orbats you have listed.

Feel free to place it somewhere prominent on your blog.


A small British Battlegroup - All in QRF vehicles and Infantry on BF FOW bases.

All I can say is Wow....I never really expected any of this, it started as a little project to do Cold War in 15mm with a degree of accuracy and make it playable and fun, and capture that essence of the period. A period I grew up through....

I think this says more about the community at large than about me, how positive and supportive the Wargaming community can be, but also the wider communities on the web and the resources they bring

I gravitated towards QRF due to their huge range of products for the period. Subsequently I have seen more and more new Battlefront items, and also the upcoming Zvezda releases, but as it stands QRF has a much more comprehensive range than anyone else in terms of Modern and Post War vehicles.

But rest assured, I am not in their pocket. If QRF make great models (like their Leopard 2) I will praise them, if it is poor I will say so unequivocally and will try to be fair and objective. I have written many reviews of the models on their Website and they have always allowed my opinions through strait without any interference even if it was negative. So I respect them for their integrity.

If you want to make use of this please do, I certainly have no qualms about using it and. the volumes of models we order as a club means getting a £100+ in an order is pretty easy.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That is most awesome!!!!!!

  2. GREAT! By the way, I assembled and primed first of yours M113 and gonna share photos soon.

  3. As an example guys:

    Sub-Total: 125.00GBP
    Zone Rates (Shipping to Australia): 37.50GBP
    Discount Coupon: redtide : -25.00GBP
    Quantity Discount: -12.50GBP
    Total: 125.00GBP

    So.... works out at free shipping for you guys in Australia.


  4. Frakkin awesome, good work STRT on being successful and passing so many wargamer's playability test. Good work Geoff from QRF for spotting the opportunity & supporting the community ;).

    Just finished reading Red Effect by Harvey Black (on Kindle for PC) and pretty energised for Moderns.

  5. ....feel free to copy this offer to your own blogs....

  6. Congratulations! Every little bit counts :)

    Which rules are you using with your moderns?



  7. If you look at the right hand side near the top, you will see a PDF Symbol. If you click this it will open the PDF and you will see the details of the Rules.

    Essentially this is "Homebrew" rules supplement to Flames of War. The lists are below, these allow you to have a Rules pack and the Force lists.