Sunday, 3 November 2013

Quiet Month

So alot has been happening and I've abandoned the blog for nearly a month (shameful).  I also have to confess to being sidetracked a little by the Flames of War "Fate of a Nation" Booklet which was released in Wargames Illustrated.

So what am I doing now?  Well I've been contacting alot of producers to discuss models and up coming models.


 Well I've ordered some stuff from IRISHSERB and hope to get that up on the blog as soon as it arrives.

As well as some HMMWV's as I want to use the M113 spares from the BF Boxed set to magnetise and make alot of variants of the HMMWV's.

Brian is also working on some excellent stuff in the back ground.

Oh he's doing an M60A2 Starship!!

This is an amazing model and I hope he continues to produce some of the estoric and rare vehicles of the Cold war period!


I've also been talking to Khurasan Miniatures about their YOM KIPPUR releases. But their more modern releases are also very appealing, although not one for rivet counters, this could proxy for an M1 or M1A1 and I certainly wouldn't moan. It's a beautiful model.

1 of these in Resin for $12.99 - Yet to be confirmed but Khurasan does do T-62's at $12.99 in a Company pack of 10 for $119.99 e.g £75.  I think if he did the same for these Abrams at 10 for $119.99 e.g £75 it would be a great Deal to any one wanting to collect a US Armour Force. 

Here is the Master Centurion model he's using for Yom Kippur Centurions, also useful to anyone collecting Danish or Swedish forces in 1986, as these could be converted and added to easily. 

This altered with Photoshop, as the background was fussy, so I pulled it out and put it on a Whitebackground the model hasn't had anything changed.


I've also been e-mailing QRF and talking about their miniatures, which I have to point out have just dropped alot of the prices of their post War Tanks by 50p, down to £5.50. Combine with the discount code, or a multipack buy these are great if you want to pick some more Tanks or Vehicles! Here is a summary from their Website.

Price Changes 
The basic infantry pack price has increased to £2.70 for 8 foot or 4 cavalry figures. I'm sure you will agree this is still very good value for money, at under 34p (approx USD 55c) per figure. All price codes A-H have increased in proportion, so the elephants wagons, carts and chariots have gone up too :-)
All postwar tanks have been LOWERED in price!
All postwar personnel carriers have been LOWERED in price!
All modern tanks have been LOWERED in price!
All modern personnel carriers/MICVs have been LOWERED in price!
To be able to afford this, all other postwar and modern vehicles have had their prices increased slightly, but hopefully this will enable you to get a larger army on the table faster and more cost effectively than ever before, especially if you order in bulk and take advantage of the built in platoon pack discounts!
There are no changes to WW1 or WW2 vehicle ranges


This was completely my fault I clean forgot....Don't worry I've got to pick the Winner, grab a Prize and add another Caption this week. (I'm a terrible human being  :)  ). 

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