Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Rewarding Hobby

One of the most wonderful things about running a blog like this, is the amount of e-mails I get, some are requests, some are suggestions, some ask advice, some give me example pictures of models or battles.

By far my most enjoyable e-mails are those from others who share my painting addiction (I genuinely enjoy painting - I would even go so far as I would be content just to collect and paint, wargaming is the cherry on the top, but I could live without it!). There are many who share my fascination / passion / curiosity of the Period of the Mid to Late 80's when the Cold War came it's dramatic and somewhat unexpected conclusion

One such E-mail came from Ralph, and an interesting series of E-mails, discussions on Brass Barrels and other things came up.  I think pictures are much better but here is Ralph's incredible Collection as you can see he has diverse and very interesting tastes. But his Cold War forces are very nice indeed, Enjoy.


"I am 52 years old married and a 9 year old daughter. I have been playing war games for about 35 years. I am into many different war games 1/72 scale WWII air combat, 1/600 scale ACW naval, 1/600 scale WWII MTB & Submarine convoy actions, 28mm WWII skirmish level, 15mm Arab & Israeli wars and 15mm Cold war & Modern (21st). "

"Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s and after reading books like August 1985: World War III and Team Yankee I developed an interest in the Cold war. I first started with 20mm but it was just a little too large for playing a company level and I didn’t like Micro armor (to small) so I switch to 15mm and after years of collecting I have a large collection of AFVs, APCs, Helicopters and infantry so now I can play 70’s,80’s and the 90’s at company level for my Western Allies and Battalion level for my Soviets.   Hope you enjoy the Photo's - RALPH"




"The Gazelles are old 1/100 scale Heller plastic models that I bought on E-Bay. The Hummers are Old Glory USA (Skytrex) with Peter Pig .50 cal and TOW Launchers which are better than the ones they come with. The Warriors and Challenger Mk.1’s are also Old Glory USA with Peter Pig WWII British extra storage and stuff from my scrap box also included are some pictures of my QRF Challenger Mk.2"


  1. Those are some beautiful models! You've got to appreciate the small details, like the decals and aerials.

  2. Nice enough to give this retired army cold warrior (1978 to 1998) flash backs! Really well done, you might want to have a lock at this, it was done
    by the gang at Wargames Holiday Centre. It's called "An end to the “Cold War” some really inspiring stuff!

  3. Really great looking models there.

  4. Are the majority of your minis through QRF then? I see some really fine miniatures but I've never really been impressed with the QRF castings, they've always seemed "smashed" or just too short to me.