Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Swedish are Coming...

So as regular readers know I have a friendship with Fjodin and his 3D CAD abilities, as well his modelling and painting skills.

Well, I know he is working on Stuff with Geoff and Chas over at QRF, and alot of people have bemoaned the lack of decent S-Tank.

The S-Tank is pretty Iconic for any Cold War Armour Fan.

Well here is one hot off the drawing board..

A 15mm Scale S-tank....

So hopefully if QRF can get this into Production - Swedish Players will have lovely new Str-103 S-tanks to play with...

Oh and Bv206's are coming and "Armies Army" are working on Swedish Infantry! Here is some of Armies Army early stuff....This is Soviet VDV and is about 17mm so slightly larger but hell when they look this good I can live with it.


  1. To note, most of the figures (New QRF - measured SLR-brit w/ Carl-Gustaf standing straight, BF - measured FOAN IDF straight-standing rifleman, PP - measured sudanese woman and straight standing vietnam US officer and Rebel Minis - measured straight-standing contractor/PMC-type) are roughly 17-18 mm tall in total from ground to to top of their head, so it should be fine. Only producer I know which might cause problems is OG as they are quite "really" 15mm tall, but if someone knows better, correct me, as I dont own any of their figures, I have just seen comparisions.

    Btw, where did you left the oncoming armiesarmy finns from your post? :P

  2. Son of Lion, many thanks for the measurements, I appreciate it. I'm not sure what you mean on the last bit? Did you mean why have I left out the Finns? If so, it's simply because I haven't seen them yet, Keith very kindly shared that picture above and I was quite impressed so thought I would share it with the community to generate some interest in his work.

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