Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Quick Picture of the M113's

Just a quick update, they are now 75% done. Need decals, varnish, highlighting and a Dullcote.

But they are starting to look right. 

Alternative Angle....

A Challenge to the Southern Hemisphere

I have challenged Fjodin who runs several Wargaming Blogs including a very good 15mm one here.

To see what he can do with the QRF M113's, I mercilessly slagged off in an earlier review. He's pretty confident he can make them look good, and to be honest who am I to say he cannot...

So I sent a Free-parcel of them to him in Australia, and I also decided that making him pay the postage was a bit off as well.....So first come first serve, however there is more to this than Egalitarian, Philanthropy.

So much like "The Ashes"....This is a bit of Gentlemen's Wager, I've put my money where my mouth is !!! - I'm looking forward to see what he can do and you can have your say when he comes back with some pictures. 

Keeps things Interesting don't you think?


  1. These look terrific! Have you compared them to the Peter Pig M113s? I have arrived here via Fjodin's blog, and notice that we are in the same part of the world- I work in Cardiff. Nice to know a fellow blogger is in the vicinity!

  2. Do you play at FIRESTORM? Also love your blog - Use my E-mail
    It might be fun to use some of my Moderns as Sci-fi stuff, but I've also wanted to do some Sci-fi stuff secretly too....At least using my conventional forces as a Planetary Defence force or something! :)

  3. Your M113 looks awesome! Moreover, Battlefront have made even more M113 variants
    And against thanx for M113 :) I try to make them look good :)

  4. Good work with that camo pattern!
    And top effort with Hemispheric challenge. I guess as a Kiwi I have to be in Fjodin's corner ;)