Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Painting Table Update....

Okay so I'm clearing my Painting Table for a reason I will detail below...

 Finally my half finished Brits & some Soviets....

Oh and a prize to the first person who spots how I completely ***ked up the 2S3's (Really embarrassed about this but it's glued and painted now.....might change it in future.)


I'm trying to order some AAV7's and HMWWV's from IRISH SERB and will stick up and if possible paint them up before the Move. 

The Future - I'm Expanding!

I'm not talking about my waistline here (although it is time to do more Phys and get out doing some running), my wife and I have decided to move house. This is great in the long term, bad for the blog in the short term.


1. I'm putting away alot of my stuff ready for the Move.
2. I won't be doing anywhere near as much painting.
3. The Blog might go quiet for a few weeks at a time.


1. I will keep buying stuff and posting reviews.
2. I will keep updating the Blog.
3. Alot of other people will be invited to contribute to keep the content ticking over (RKelly, Fjodin etc)

We are having a house Built (should be finished in Jan 14 but we are moving into Rented Accom for 6 months so we can sell our current house), which means she's getting the house she always wanted and I'm getting a full on Gaming Basement!!! And I mean a Basement....9 metres by 6 metres. So I will be able to build a little Studio, several 6x4ft tables, a couch and a Bar....

I will be moving more towards Private Invitational Gaming, with my Friends. It means I can build full on Tables like Berlin, or Fulda, or Tutenbergerwald, Hanover etc.


  1. Replies
    1. No problems mate, I'll still be on here often and maybe doing more Rules Stuff on my Laptop whilst the wife watches crap telly. But I know everyone likes looking at Miniatures, so I will try and get the Independents book out, and then look at re-organising all of the PDF's as I outlined earlier in the blog.

  2. Good luck with the build- a gaming basement- ah, how the other 2% live!

    1. Mate I'm lucky I'm getting that, the wife gets everything she ever wanted, and I get a Troll Cave under the house. Still, it's what you make of it. When she see's it, I'm pretty sure she'll sulk and say "I want a Home Cinema instead of your stupid Hobby you Twpsin!". Women, right plumbing, wrong wiring!

    2. It was ever thus! Did you receive the e-mail I sent? I'm not sure if I put the correct address, or maybe I did and you think I'm a weirdo... fair enough!

  3. I'm not going to look it up, but I'll guess the barrels are upside-down.

    I've done that twice myself!

    1. Winner - Good to know I'm not the only one!!! "Inverse Barrel Complex" sounds like a great name for a band!